How to Write an SEO Article

How to write SEO(Editors note this post has been updated & changed)

As a copywriter for many years, I had no idea how to optimize an article for the web…But I knew enough to know that anything you write has to convert your readers. Sure different styles, whether using an emotional approach or informational approach, will depend on the goal and the target audience, but more than that goes into online writing. Suffice it to say that, for the sake of this article, I’ll just cover the most fundamental points… So let me just dive in.

Gather all the hard data from the client (strategy, goal, outline, outcome), and then think of the reason you are writing this article… You are offering a problem/solution no matter what situation or industry; you hear the arguments (or you have them in your head), the pro & cons then analyze (get/find the root ) in order to proceed on hard data..

The most fundamental basics of writing is this: each article should contain certain sections and components. Sure, some areas will carry more relevant information than others, but it should still give the reader the desire to want to know more.

One of my favorite conversion copywriters is Tim Ash. He says, “The preferred structure for most Web writing is the inverted pyramid. It uses the principle of primacy (ordering) to control saliency (importance).” Therefore, each section you write should have relevant information with an easy flow. Now, if you want the article to give you more traffic, you have to pay attention to your keywords. If your article is written well and with specific targeting, you will get the traffic.

An article should have the following components:

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements here are some things to keep in mind.

Check your submission: Your expertise and credibility in the article you are submitting will not hold any water if you don’t sound like you know what the heck you’re discussing. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as how the reading flows; this helps with credibility. I always read copy aloud; it doesn’t matter if it’s a press release, blog or article. Read the article and make sure it reads well. Believe it or not, I catch a lot of mistakes when I read out loud.

Who is your Audience? What language will your audience understand? If they are in the medical field, use language they’re familiar with. Terminology and language that they know will give you more credibility than using laymen’s terms. Keep your use of terminology within, and up to, the understanding of your audience.

Never give away the whole pie: Give them enough information in order to entice them to clicking onto your resource box. That is where you can actually quantify your readers. If they want to know more then use the (–more–) tags available in most web blogs. This is very common in WordPress.

Have clear concise thoughts: This is the age of INSTANT GRATIFICATION, which means that, if you have a 1,000 word article, you have to keep it flowing. Give your readers important bulleted points, appropriate headings and sub-headings. They need to know that you understand what information they’re looking for, and that you have the answers. Get to the point and let them decide if your content is relevant enough for to stick around and read.

For professional help with your website or article content, please follow this link.

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  1. Well written article with some useful nuggets of information.
    Thankyou for the list of article submission sites aswell.

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    This is what I needed to know! By the way it’s really impressive way to write unique article. Thanks for the convince.

  3. Thanks Michel what a nice thing to say… We try to please :)

  4. This way of writing SEO articles is very good. I appreciate your thinking.

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  7. Hello, I would love to know your source about writing articles being an “inefficient” tool for SEO. I can tell you they are lying ;) It’s one of the best organic tools to use in SEO. Nothing better than giving yourself authority, respect, and traffic. We use it in our strategy and I can assure you it has helped our business tremendously. I look forward to seeing this article of yours.

  8. Thanks for your comment – Article writing still has it’s place. The key is to not post articles willy-nilly. Choose your directories carefully, track them, and quit using the ones that don’t bring you traffic.

  9. I’ve heard it said that article writing is something of an inefficient tool for seo – in the main, it is a tool for directory publishers and the search engines to display adverts.

  10. Yeah the warm fuzzy feeling lasts for a few days then it’s back to “now what?” The online community is not stupid. They can tell when someone is writing something of value or they are trying to push an article for the sake of SERP’s. What I have found and experienced is social proof, reputation, accountability – and, of course, R-E-S-P-E-C-T are some of the benefits. Turns out, respect is important, even in the business world. As much work as it takes to write content and finding places to post (not just on your blog) you build followers. Eventually, your authority and social capability can give you new prospective buyers. It’s not secret I run a business, and as much as I love selling I also love helping people therefore, writing guest blogs or responding on ours make me happy with a warm glow ;)

  11. Will and Testament says:

    While I have written a few articles, I have noticed that when they get re-published (very good for the ego), that the article distributor gets the credit, and the PR boost. So, apart from the warm glow that one gets from seeing one’s name in type, what’s the point?

  12. Content is king! Or should that be unique content that is written for actual people not the search engines is king? However that’s not a catchy. Some good tips here. if you know your target audience, have a passion for your job/product/service and convey that passion in your article, then think about seo once you have proof read and made sure it reads well, you will do well.

  13. Good article. Keep write …. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I get the newsletter from EzineArticles and they have came out with a plug-in that allows you to submit your blog posts (new and old) directly from your blog. You have to take out any images, outgoing links, etc. to follow their submission rules, but then you put them back in and update the blog. I haven’t used it yet but when I get ready to submit my next article, I will give it a try.

  15. Another site where you can submit or receive articles for free is the Recruiting Blogswap Articles are recruiting or career-related.

  16. Hey Ching-Ya first and foremost everyone is relatively “new” in regards to SEO… you see SEO is changing with time what was acceptable 3 years ago is now either moot or balck hat. In my opinion the only true “form” of SEO is SEO Theory. Michael Martinez is a great choice if you are looking for some reading.

    With that said in response to your question I can only give you advise as I know it and use it. Writing “articles” for seeding your link/website/blog will really depend on the article submission sites. Each one has their own standards, from,,

    I recently spoke to another writer who was complaining that two out of five article submission site would not accept his articles. And in all honesty we run into that problem with some of our clients articles. Therefore it’s very important to find at least fifteen article submission sites and build your submissions with them. Authority and page rank are the most important when looking for the correct article submission sites.

    We love WP we use Thesis on all of our blogs, and it has helped in or SEO efforts due to all plug-ins available for WP. I am not very familiar with Blogger but I will ask our SEO “expert” what she thinks. Actually I would love to see someone who is an expert on “Blogger, SEO” give us some ideas.

  17. I’m still relatively new in SEO, but enough to realize it’s one major factor in article submission. While reading through this post, it’s obviously I’m a victim of pie-giver (lol). The fear of not being thorough creates a 500++ words post, which is a BAD habit really.

    I’m fascinated by WP’s multiple plugins that easily accessible, wondering if SEO works better too for WP than Blogger due to the same reasons?

    Thanks in advance. ^^

    Social Media/Blogging


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