Busted: Six SEO Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Debunk The SEO Myths

Debunk The SEO Myths

Search engine optimization is more of an art than a science, and because of that there are many people who say there’s no “wrong” way to go about SEO. That’s not entirely true, however. There are methods and approaches that have become outdated, been proven ineffective, or are just plain silly, but some SEO “experts” nonetheless continue to use them.

So how do you separate the good information from the dated and ill-informed? Here are six SEO myths that have been busted. Make sure you and your company no longer adhere to them, and you’ll be well ahead of the SEO curve.

1. You Must Rank No. 1

This belief is rooted somewhat in truth. It is true that people are most likely to click on the top three search listings that appear on the first page of results. However, studies have also shown that on subsequent pages, assuming searchers make it that far, they’re just as likely to click on the last entry as the first. That means you don’t have to rank first in the results to draw people in via search.

2. Link Building Trumps Content

Yes, you need links and you need linkbacks to establish your authority in your field, which Google absolutely respects. But having strong content is just as important as good links. If you’re thinking about putting money in your site, hiring a writer to give you well-conceived, grammatically correct verbiage may be one of the best investments you can make. Think of it this way: If you have great content, people will link to you voluntarily and you won’t have to seek out linkbacks.

3. Follow the Trending Topic

There are plenty of web sites that generate ridiculous amounts of traffic by jumping on whatever topic is trending on Google right now. These so-called content mills might churn out 20 posts on a single subject in less than an hour. But Google has caught on to this approach. You can no longer so easily find the up-to-the-minute trending topic list the search engine used to display quite prominently. What’s more, Google no longer rewards keyword-heavy but factually light posts with high search rankings.

4. Your Keywords Cannot Vary

There are some web sites whose copy doesn’t make sense because it’s so stilted by keywords like “North Carolina plumber” or “townhouses Harrisburg Pa.” Clearly no one has explained to those companies that keywords can vary slightly throughout a page without having a huge impact on SEO. Remember, it’s always better to write like a human being than a search bot.keep-calm-and-just-say-no

5. SEO is One and Done

SEO is a lot like using a GPS tracking device; you don’t get to your destination and then throw the device out the window because you’re done. Instead, you keep it on your dashboard for the next time you need to use it, which will probably be soon. The same goes for SEO. You’re not “done” with SEO when you get on the first page of a keyword search. SEO grows and evolves each day, and you have to keep up with it to continue reaping the benefits.

6. Great Content Will Organically Lead to Great Rankings

Sorry, but no; like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, this is a wonderful yet naïve idea. There are too many other sites using SEO to count on your wonderful content to lift you in the rankings. Great content keeps people there, but it alone will not bring them. You need some expert help to herd them along to your site.


  1. This days google is changing the algoritms almost every 3 days and is realy hard to know what to do regarding SEO but one thing is sure if you have good quality content and some nice backlinks you’ll finaly get ranked!

  2. Myth #6: “Great Content Will Organically Lead to Great Rankings”. Finally, a person that know what she is talking about! There is so much high quality information on the internet and only 10 spots on the first page. More than that, the search engine don’t rank content based on its actual value, but on the number of backlinks and social shares that it gets. And how could your content be discovered and get lots of backlinks and social shares if it’s not on the first few search results pages?

  3. These myths should be eradicated from the industry so that the proper way of doing the right thing is only there

  4. @katie nice work. I think if we have great content to share then it will automatically catch the traffic. However, We will have to concentrate also on other factors that can affect our ratings. Especially we have to take care about our keywords.

  5. Hi Katie!
    I like a lot this site, you gived us some interesting informations about SEO! This days google is changing the algoritms almost every 3 days and is realy hard to know what to do regarding SEO but one thing is sure if you have good quality content and some nice backlinks you’ll finaly get ranked!
    Thank you for this article!
    Best regards!

  6. Yes..I do believe in the number 1.. even if you are on the top 1, still users tend to choose who properly set forth with their title or description..

    Also, with date or author is a such plus.

  7. Good article. I especially liked no. 6. Great content is not the best way to get good ranking. I know lots of blogs with good content, but with low rankings. It is possibly that great content will recommend your site to others, but work must be done.

  8. #6 is my favorite topic to discuss. Its all about adding Value. As you said that Value will add to all the backlinks, shares etc you want.

  9. Hi Rocky! Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment! Content is so essential these days!

  10. Hi Katie,

    You’ve raised some great points here, I think now a days SEO means Great Content + Quality Link-building. If you’re missing any one of it then you’ve quite less chances to dominate Google SERP.


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