About Us

by gabriellasannino on July 31, 2009

Level343 is an organic SEO and copywriting company based in San Francisco, California. We’ve been around since 1998, providing copywriting services and website development services as B Studio. At the end of 2005, after a variety of business ventures and experimenting with marketing venues, Gabriella Sannino opened the doors of Level343.

We’ve grown a lot since then, adding a highly competent staff of copywriters, optimizers, and web developers. Although located in the U.S., we provide global SEO services with partner SEO firms in several countries including Italy, the Netherlands, and France. We’ve consulted, partnered and worked with many Fortune 1,000+ companies in order for them to grow in business, reputation and international reach.

Our goal is to help your business succeed, which is why we incorporate so much into the marketing campaigns we provide. We help businesses of all shapes, sizes, industries and locations put their websites on the Internet map.

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Where did the name Level343 come from?

Level343 (pronounced Level Three For Three) stems from the plans that Gabriella made early on in the business. She had three initial goals in mind:

  1. Create a sustainable woman-owned and operated business
  2. Provide only the best LEVEL of client service
  3. Foster an atmosphere of cooperative work sharing between a group of well-grounded, smart professionals within her wide reach of trusted industry networks

Once the business model came together, Gabriella realized that she’d hit all three points successfully, so she was essentially “three for three”. With that in mind, as well as the emphasis she placed on providing the highest level of service, she decided that Level343 was the perfect brand. And thus, Level343 was born.

The Head Cheerleader of Level343

Level343 is a woman-owned and operated, equal opportunity marketing provider. Our head cheerleader is Gabriella Sannino. Every Monday, the Level343 Team gets together over ten pots of coffee to discuss the state of affairs for our clients and company. We practice what we preach, and preach what we practice.


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