In Memorial of Keyword Data 2005 – 2013 RIP

by on September 30, 2013

RIP-500-squareFriends of Keyword Data were saddened to learn of his passing on September 24th, 2013 in Mountain View California, after a lingering illness related to encrypted search, but exact details of his passing were Not Provided.

Keyword Data was a lifelong employee of Google, Inc. where he was employed at his passing. He is survived by his cousin Search Queries and will be mourned by his many friends and detractors alike.

Although spurned by some, Keyword Data was a staunch friend to many and is remembered by them for his unflagging help, which was given freely to all, without thought of compensation. Friend to hundreds of experienced webmasters and SEOs, he was always ready to help neophytes and will always be in our memories.

Wakes are being organized across the breadth of this great land and those wishing to participate or to sign the Book of Remembrances may do so at keyword wake .

RIP Keyword Data

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