Don’t Let Your Brand Suffer from Bad Blogging Skills

by November 3, 2011

For many companies, blogs are either a major point of interest or they get little to no attention. So what happens if your company’s blog is, in fact, potentially damaging your company’s brand? Do you pull it entirely? Do you rework it in order to improve the company brand? Or do you just leave things the way they are and deal with it later?

Content Strategies: Get Fresh with Your Audience Today

by September 15, 2011

If your company’s Web site has been drawing less and less attention from customers, perhaps you have a freshness issue. It’s not that you’re getting testy with customers, but that your site’s content hasn’t been updated on a regular basis for some time. Fresh content you can market and advertise to customers is critical in today’s online world. As more customers turn to the Internet to shop for and purchase products, it’s imperative that your content be interesting, informative and, most importantly, fresh.

Is Your Small Business Mobile Enough to Beat the Competition?

by August 18, 2011

Why are we, Level343, sharing information about mobile payments and your business? Buried in analytics, trends and so on as we are, we’ve seen a definite trend of visitors using mobile phones on our clients’ sites. The plain and simple truth is that mobile usage – in all forms – is growing; that growth includes the expectation of being able to make mobile payments. Take, for example, Google Wallet, which will use Citi® PayPass™ MasterCards and Google’s Prepaid Card at launch, but is planned to have more partners.

Is Your Brand Up to Par with the Competition?

by July 14, 2011

competing for businessIn a day and age when companies are fighting fervently for each and every consumer dollar, it should come as no surprise that branding is more important than ever. Whether it is the AFLAC Duck, the Pep Boys’ bobble heads or the GEICO caveman, companies want you to remember them for one simple reason – branding.