The Difference between and Everything

by February 20, 2012

Many people are confused by the two WordPress versions. A common question is, “Does it really matter which one I use?” Both are free to use, can be a site or blog platform, and both have the name “WordPress”. However, the similarities end there, and the differences between the two WordPress versions are massive. In fact, they’re worlds apart.

Dear, Sweet Internet Marketer – Connect the Stinkin’ Dots Already

by February 9, 2012
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I’ve been boiling all morning long – and what does someone who blogs do, but kick out a rant? All morning, I’ve been researching marketing agencies, digging into sites, news articles and various sources to find out about them. –And that’s the whole damn point. Why, if you’re advertising yourself as any type of internet […]

So That’s What “Build Your Brand Story” Means!

by January 16, 2012
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A confession: I don’t know much about branding. Oh, sure – I know words, but branding? That’s Gabriella’s bailiwick. I know more now than I did six or seven years ago, but that’s because she’s been my mentor for several years (and you can’t have a client-centered conversation with Gabriella without branding coming in to […]

I Always Wanted to Be a Super Hero, How About You?

by December 5, 2011

When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying through the air with the greatest of ease to rescue puppies, kittens and grannies. I ran around the house in pink fuzzy pajamas and a blanket tied around my neck, on a mission to save the world. I was Super Girl, Wonder Woman and the GI Joes combined! Evil doers beware!

Branding and Inbound Marketing: Can YOU Handle the TRUTH?

by November 7, 2011

While talking to a friend of mine the other day – small business owner trying to grow her business like anyone else -, I had that line going through my head. You know, the one from A Few Good Men “You want the TRUTH? You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!” You see, my friend has big dreams; she wants and expects big things from her website…

Inbound Marketing Works – If You Work Inbound Marketing

by October 3, 2011

If you own a business and want it to succeed, you have to market it. That’s just Business Basics 101. Traditional marketing – direct mail, newspaper ads, t.v., radio, etc. – does the job, but it’s expensive and generally isn’t cost effective for small businesses. There are aspects of inbound marketing, however, that any business owner with a little time can do. – But why bother? What’s the value here?

Beautiful Blogging: 5 Ways to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

by August 25, 2011

Blog writing – it’s one of the hardest, easiest, most frustrating, most relaxing, creative, unoriginal thing you can do… ish. On the good days, you get an idea and golden words just flow from thought to fingers to keyboard to publish. On the bad days, every word you put down is an exercise in pulling teeth.

Reader Q&A – Are PDFs on My Site a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

by July 11, 2011

PDFs - The Beauty of ConvenienceI’ve heard PDFs might be bad for my site SEO, and I have a lot of them. I’ve considered switching them to pages, but it’s a big endeavor. What should I do? Pete R., Davenport That’s a great question, Pete. Thanks for writing in. As a short answer, we don’t recommend spending the man-hours and/or monetary resources turning your PDFs into HTML pages just for SEO. There are better ways to go about it…

If You’re Getting Frustrated with Social Networking, This is For YOU!

by June 20, 2011

There are really only two types of people using social networking platforms: those that use them for fun, and those that use them for business. If you’re using social media for fun and to make new friends, well, this articles isn’t for you. Move along. I said MOVE ALONG!