So That’s What “Build Your Brand Story” Means!

by January 16, 2012
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A confession: I don’t know much about branding. Oh, sure – I know words, but branding? That’s Gabriella’s bailiwick. I know more now than I did six or seven years ago, but that’s because she’s been my mentor for several years (and you can’t have a client-centered conversation with Gabriella without branding coming in to […]

Let Me Show You How Online Reputation Really Works, Mr. New Orleans Computer Repair Guy!

by December 22, 2011
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For you, Mr. New Orleans Computer Repair Guy, also known as French Quarter Repair Services and iPhone or iPod Repairman: You returned my Mac Airbook in worse condition than it was before. That’s bad business. You charged me more than the agreed upon amount and wouldn’t return my possessions until I paid for it. That’s […]

E-Commerce Marketing: Why Are Your Shopping Carts Being Abandoned?

by December 12, 2011
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Have you ever looked at your ecommerce analytics and thought, “Why didn’t they finish with the sale?” It’s frustrating, isn’t it? If those darn customers would just finish with the buying process and quit abandoning their shopping carts, you’d be making a cool million this year. You aren’t alone with these and similar thoughts: The […]

There’s No ROI In Owning an Efin iPhone!

by December 8, 2011

We read a lot of stories that talk about how companies are joining social media by the droves, but are they really? I mean, what are they doing? If all they’re doing is opening social accounts and sitting on their professional graveyards, is this really joining social media? I think not.

I Always Wanted to Be a Super Hero, How About You?

by December 5, 2011

When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying through the air with the greatest of ease to rescue puppies, kittens and grannies. I ran around the house in pink fuzzy pajamas and a blanket tied around my neck, on a mission to save the world. I was Super Girl, Wonder Woman and the GI Joes combined! Evil doers beware!

Lovin’ That Story That You Tell So Well – Your Social Footprint

by December 1, 2011

Social marketing used to be just that thing you did; like politicians, business owners would scout the neighborhood, introduce their services, shake hands and kiss babies. You’d talk to people and get to know them; you’d share stories and maybe a cup of coffee.

Seeing Your Website from Your Visitor’s Point of View

by November 28, 2011

Web design can be a pretty complicated process, especially for business owners with limited experience in the field. A design that works has to reflect the values of the organization, share appropriate information, and make sense—aesthetically and practically—to the user. Simply put, you want a website filled with quality content that can be easily navigated and looks good.

Branding and Inbound Marketing: Can YOU Handle the TRUTH?

by November 7, 2011

While talking to a friend of mine the other day – small business owner trying to grow her business like anyone else -, I had that line going through my head. You know, the one from A Few Good Men “You want the TRUTH? You can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!” You see, my friend has big dreams; she wants and expects big things from her website…

Don’t Let Your Brand Suffer from Bad Blogging Skills

by November 3, 2011

For many companies, blogs are either a major point of interest or they get little to no attention. So what happens if your company’s blog is, in fact, potentially damaging your company’s brand? Do you pull it entirely? Do you rework it in order to improve the company brand? Or do you just leave things the way they are and deal with it later?

3 Tricks No Hooker Should Try: Conventional Wisdom and Branding

by October 31, 2011

Announce yourself; announce your brandBranding. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of marketers quite like this concept. For entrepreneurs with many interests, it’s difficult to think they can be summed up in a single construct. For others with a narrower focus, it’s frustrating to find just the right words to accurately represent what they stand for. Your brand is what represents the core values of your company—your mission statement, if you will. Your target market will likely never see the brand statement because it’s not for them.