Press Release Tips

by January 23, 2013
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Press releases were used and abused by many as an SEO tactic and then some of the hype wore off.  Because people aren’t talking them up as much, many site owners don’t think of a press release as part of their strategy. Press releases are still valuable tools – when used properly. When they are […]

How To Get Great Blogging Ideas From Social Media

by January 7, 2013
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“The best way to be heard is to whisper.” I’m not sure who said that, but I’ve always liked that thought. Today, I’m going to whisper a golden secret into your ear. I want to make sure you hear me, because it’s a good one! Today’s secret is about how to get great blogging ideas […]

Our Recipe for a Successful Blog

by December 31, 2012
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You’ve heard the phrase “Content is king”. It’s been used so much that most people just nod, “Yes, yes, content is king. Now let me get back to what I was doing.” Well, content may be king, but – like any kingdom – it takes a whole bunch of “underling” support to keep that king […]

2013 Is Right Around The Corner. Are You Ready?

by December 7, 2012
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I know it’s a tad bit early, but I thought why not start a list of New Year’s Resolutions now?  If you want to make 2013 your biggest business year yet, I suggest you adopt some of these resolutions as your own! Resolve To Get Your Site Ranked in the Top of the Major Search […]

Bulking Up Content…With Value

by November 30, 2012
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Over the past year we’ve heard a lot of phrases like “thin content” and no “added value” and “low quality” content.  Google is looking to ensure that websites offer quality content and if your site doesn’t have content that Google considers high quality, you’ve probably taken a hit. On almost a daily basis people ask […]

Brain Dump

by November 15, 2012
brain dump

Do you have a process for writing your content?  Mine is pretty simple, I just sit down and let it flow. When I am done, I edit, see where I need to trim things and where I need to bulk things up and lastly I think about aesthetics (adding formatting and images).  But every once […]

Business Blogging Tips: The Why and The How

by November 12, 2012
business blogging

Businesses, whether small or large, local or enterprise, are constantly being told that blogging will help their search engine rankings, but many are left wondering how to actually implement a blogging strategy. While a few get the hang of it quickly, a large number either never blog at all, or they give up after a […]

Ideas For Content Creation

by November 8, 2012
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Are you stumped when it comes to ideas for new content?  Content marketing is so important these days and we are generating so much content.  Site pages, Blog posts, guest Blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, articles, press releases and more.  With all this demand for content, getting creative in selecting topics is increasingly important. Often […]

“Good” Blog Posts

by October 25, 2012
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Let’s face it, we are all pretty busy and don’t have a lot of time to waste.  Soooo….if you are spending your time Blogging, you better be sure it’s high quality and going to get you a response!  What makes a good Blog post? You start with your Title – the title should be compelling, […]

6 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts Faster

by October 8, 2012
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I’m always on the go. If I’m not rushing to a meeting with a client, I’m rushing to a meeting with my staff. If I’m not buried in work, I’m hurrying to see family and friends. Yes, indeed; my life is pretty busy. Add in the articles that I write for the blog, guest posts […]