Look out – it’s another Brain Dump!

by May 20, 2013
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Time for another brain dump!  I have various random thoughts in mind and wanted to share them all with you.  Don’t spend any time looking for the connection – there isn’t one!  It’s just a bunch of stuff I thought you should know related to SEO and social media and growing your business online.  I’d […]

Meet Dana Lookadoo

by May 17, 2013
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Twitter | Google + | Website I met Dana a few years ago during PubCon Las Vegas. Who would have thought there would be so much dynamite in such a small package? Needless to say, she knew almost everyone at this conference. Keeping up with her was a task all in by itself. Aside from being a popular networking […]

Site Redesign: Avoid These Mistakes

by May 13, 2013
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Undertaking a redesign is usually a pretty big project.  In addition to the actual design work, there are so many little details related to SEO and marketing that you need to consider. To help you out, here are some of the common problems you want to avoid: Don’t forget to add your Analytics code to […]

Meet Jennifer Evans Cairo

by May 10, 2013
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Twitter | Google + | Website Yes, It’s Friday and time for another Top SEO woman nominee. I have to admit I’m thrilled so many women have decided to join our efforts in giving them a platform to share more about themselves. I’ve never met Jennifer but as many on the online SEO world her name is familiar. What’s […]

New Kid On The Block?

by May 8, 2013
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Is Samuru really going to challenge Google?  Time will tell!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; first allow me to introduce Samuru.com It delivers pretty relevant results, I did some comparisons and the results were pretty different than Google’s, so I did discover some new sites.  I didn’t do any in-depth comparison yet but […]

Meet Julie Joyce

by May 3, 2013
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Twitter | Google + | Website May is one of my favorite times of the year…Can’t believe we’re on our 10th nominee of the Top SEO women 2013. Hers, is a name everyone in the SEO industry can recognize. She’s been busy with Link Fish Media since 2003. If you haven’t taken the time to read her bio, here’s […]

Social Media or Search | What You Should Know

by April 29, 2013
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Buried knee deep in an international site or a large SEO project as we often are, as marketers we sometimes forget about the day-to-day chatter out there on the social networks, forums and RSS feeds. We’re in the information age, after all, and there’s always something new to share, read, absorb and put to use. […]

Meet Jo Turnbull

by April 26, 2013
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Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Website Yeah It’s Friday, (again) and if you’ve been following our Top SEO Women series we have another wonderful addition this week. I’ll admit it’s a pleasure to share this accomplished young lady with you. She’s definitely a shaker, organizer, and most of all passionate about search. That’s the […]

Meet Monica Wright

by April 19, 2013
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Twitter | Google + | Website Is it me, or has time been just flying by? This week, we’re sharing an amazing woman with our readers. If you don’t know who she is, then you’ve never read Marketing Land or Search Engine Land. While I know she no longer works directly with clients, she has many years of practical […]

Analyzing your Competition

by April 17, 2013
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Do you check out your competitors before you embark on an SEO campaign? Do you check in on competitors as you work through your campaign? It’s a good idea! But you first have to be sure you have an accurate and realistic view of who your competitors are. If you sell jewelry, Cartier or Tiffany […]