Oak Alley

Oak Alley

Living in the Deep South amidst their beautiful plantations has given me an appreciation for architecture and history. I took my Italian cousin yesterday on a small tour of what devastation was left behind after Katrina. She was amazed at how fast things have progressed. But if you live here it seems to take forever. […]

Building your SEO content

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There is nothing more disconcerting than uploading SEO content and thinking you know what you are doing and then realizing you don’t. Well writing SEO articles is one of those facts. The Internet has given many people the desire to become rich overnight. We join affiliate marketing sites we start our own blogs, we get […]

Basic SEO rich Content

Typewriter keys

Not sure if most of you know but when writing an article and then submitting it or a blog the most important keyword will be found in your title. This is a known fact. For example when you look in a bookstore to buy a new novel it’s the title that attracts the buyer. Then […]

ROMA – L’otto marzo compie cent’anni.

international woman

Anche oggi al centro delle manifestazioni e celebrazioni ci sono i diritti delle donne, dall’aborto al lavoro, dalla salute all’autodeterminazione. Quest’anno le donne italiane, tornano in piazza in particolare per difendere il diritto al lavoro e la legge 194, con manifestazioni e cortei in tutta Italia. A Roma in mattinata il presidente della Repubblicaha celebrato […]

Working as a Freelance Writer: Divine Discontent

tax deductions

“tax-deductions-for-fre</a/Doing Business on the Internet is not like it used to be 10 years ago. Not sure if it’s just prevalent locally, or worldwide. But the quest and desire for anonymity provided by the Internet has thrown the “Freelance World” into a tailspin. When faced with clients in today’s market it should become an inspiration […]

Air travel or driving

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Air travel or driving that is the dilemma I face. The last time I checked on the infrastructure in Europe or the Middle East it was a hit or miss. There usually are no problems finding trains, cabs, or even buses. Nine times out of ten they are the cheapest way to go. Although Flying […]