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Facebook’s EdgeRank

What is EdgeRank? What is EdgeRank and why does it matter?  I’ll tell you, but first let me set the stage. Most businesses are using Facebook, you’ll notice online that restaurants and movies and even some large brands [...]

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Meet Debra Mastaler | President of Alliance-Link

Twitter | Google + | Website Since we've started doing this series, I've been excited about sharing some of these amazing women with our readers. It's an honor and always a privelidge when Level343 can share some of their valuable insight and time with [...]

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Multilingual Content Considerations and Processes

Obviously since Level343 specializes in International SEO and SEO copywriting, we often face the challenge of supplying site owners with multilingual content. Each business has different requirements, so the technical implementation will vary as needed.

By | March 20th, 2013|Content Development|8 Comments

REAL Professional SEO Specialists Don’t Have a Bad Name!

Just about any industry has an element within it that gives the others a bad name - doctors, auto mechanics, contractors, policemen... don't even get me started about politicians and lawyers! The difference is usually just in the percentage of [...]

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Meet Ann Smarty

Twitter | Google + | Website 1. What's your personal elevator pitch? What should we know about who you are and what you do? "Being busy means being happy" or "You can never be busy enough" :) Honestly I have [...]

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