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Most Recent Live Algorithm Updates

Recently, Live Search has updated their set of rules that includes

1. The Live search recently asked sites owners to have their keywords mainly in domain as well as sub-domain names. According to some SEO consultants, this is very useful for […]

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Most Recent Google Algorithm Updates

This article has a lot of great information including related links to what happened. I was particularly fascinated by Matt Cutts discussion boards. Google is frequently updating and reviewing its algorithms to provide a sound-searching environment for individuals. The most […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Directory Submissions

I have been thinking lately that if part of you’re strategy is submitting your web site to directories for better exposure to masses, then you need to weigh the various advantages and disadvantages of directory submissions for your respective web […]

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Surveillance Technology now and in the future

This article is a basic 101 on what’s available in surveillance technology field today and where technology is allowing us to go in the future. I am sure you have heard of some pretty amazing things when it comes to […]

By |June 18th, 2008|Other|5 Comments

How to Choose a Good Directory Submission

Have you noticed more and more emails promising to submit your site to over 1000 directories for $50-$400? Well the truth of the matter is most directories they submit your site to are worthless. Sure this is arguable, but the […]

Google Friend Connect Feature and Implications for Wider Social Media

I am not sure if you’ve missed me but I have missed you. Today I will give you some information regarding the Social media and all their implications. Basically the good the bad and the ugly. Google Friend Connect is […]

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Facebook and Implications to Society

According to SEO specialists, Facebook has more than 20 million members registered generating 1.5 billion page views every day. This site tightly integrates the daily media patterns of its users. Generally, users on an average spend about 15 minutes everyday […]

By |June 13th, 2008|Social Media|2 Comments

Do-It-Yourself SEO: A Beginner’s Checklist

As a do-it-yourself SEO content developer, I hope to give you useful information from my own experience about how you should and should not use SEO for your website. Whether you have an SEO team working with you or are […]

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SEO Ad Copywriter

For people, who love to write, advertising copywriting is an ultimate writing opportunity for them. This is because, every word of an SEO copywritercounts with assessable outcomes as actions. Unluckily, it is simple to get pessimistic when starting out as a Copywriter let alone getting specialized in the SEO market. Here, viable objective is hardly ever present, but it is inherent with the art of writing. To make a good person-to-person link is the most vital element of a good SEO Ad Copywriter. The field of advertising copywriting is a vocation, wherein you may be creative and work with creative colleagues. […]

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Why do we need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing tool used worldwide on the Internet in order to get higher ranking. Simple enough right? Afraid it’s not that easy, in this discipline one has to look at various attributes of their […]

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