SEO Fast Food: I’ll Take #1 Ranking with That, but Hold the Fries

by June 13, 2011

Sometimes it seems like people think SEO is the fast food of online marketing…
Potential client pulls up to the order window. “Yeah, um, I’ll take first place ranking for that extremely competitive key term? But, uh, hold the long tail.”
The optimizer on the other end of the speaker starts calculating costs, time and manpower. “Of course – and you want that when?”
“Now, please.”

Are Google Upgrades Killing Professional SEO Specialists?

by November 24, 2008

The latest Google algorithm updates floored many professional SEO specialists; Google has been awarded a patent for language personalization.  The move to personalization will allow Google to present more results that are relevant to the user, and possibly less clicks to your website.  What this also might mean is the end of Google PageRank.  All […]

Why Professional SEO Providers Say Test Your Landing Pages

by November 14, 2008

When you talk to professional SEO providers about landing pages, you’ll hear many of them extolling the virtues of testing those pages.  Why?  Why not just build a landing page that works the first time? First, let’s talk about conventional wisdom, passed down from those professional SEO providers.  Conventional wisdom says that your home page […]

Landing Page Strategy and SEO Tools

by August 13, 2008

SEO tools, such as landing pages, are excellent for search engine marketing. Most websites have general pages such as Home, About Us, Services, etc, but they also might have one page for each service the company performs, and dozens of helpful articles for visitors. The general Internet user will quickly tire of searching through the […]