Busted: Six SEO Myths and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

Debunk The SEO Myths

Search engine optimization is more of an art than a science, and because of that there are many people who say there’s no “wrong” way to go about SEO. That’s not entirely true, however. There are methods and approaches that have become outdated, been proven ineffective, or are just plain silly, but some SEO “experts” […]

Marketing Strategy: The Impact of Pinterest’s New “Rich Pins”


Do you use Pinterest as part of your business marketing strategy? If so, Pinterest’s new “Rich Pins” will be of interest. Pinterest recently added a new style of pin to its sharing platform that caters to the needs of marketers. For companies that weren’t already utilizing Pinterest for marketing, the potential that Rich Pins present may […]

How to Become a Social Media Manager


Does being on Facebook all day sound like a dream job? Increasingly, there are more full-time, permanent positions for social media managers at top-rated companies. Common qualifications include being comfortable with all SM platforms, having a track record of improving a company’s social media presence and having a firm grasp on the basics of marketing. […]

3 Recent Facebook Updates Brands and Businesses Must Know About


It seems like every time I turn around this year, Facebook is announcing another new feature. First it was Graph Search in January. Then in March, Facebook began announcing three features that directly impact brand and business pages: a News Feed redesign, threaded Facebook Page comments and partner categories for the Facebook advertising platform. News […]