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“Content is king,” SEOs, copywriters and search engines say. Content helps search engines decide relevance, helps bring visitors in and converts them into paying customers, avid readers and loyal followers. With something so important to your online business success, you want to make sure you’re putting out the right content. Not sure what that is? Read on…

Copywriting Outline | A Quick And Easy Guide To Better Copy

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of your marketing.  Without strong text that compels people to take action, you are sunk. Not everyone has formal training in how to write sizzling copy that sells and not everyone can [...]

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5 Important Steps To Take Before You Publish An Article

Any time you sit down to write, you have a set of priorities and steps to go through. You have a campaign, a purpose – a raison d'être – for the content (a goal that has to be measured with [...]

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7 Reasons Blog Commenting is a Must

Personal Things Writing an article is a personal thing. Sometimes, coming to the end of a piece can leave the author feeling like their blood, sweat and tears have been poured into the thing (writers are dramatic, don't [...]

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Key Questions for Content Marketing

Back in the last decade, I published a niche bridal magazine that included some content marketing pieces on topics that were of interest to the target audience. Those included recipes, makeup tips, and relationship advice, among others. However, two contrasting pieces stand [...]

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How Do You Choose a Type of Landing Page?

So many metrics, so little time to track...Image via RVWith Toto on Flickr If a landing page is any page a visitor lands on, what's a preferred landing page? Simply, PLPs are pages you would really like visitors [...]

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Evaluating Web Pages | Is Your Informational Site Research Worthy?

Building Trust Is Important What is the purpose of your website? Actually, let's ask this question a different way. Do you have a section on your site dedicated to informing your visitors about [your topic]? This blog is [...]

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Setting Up Your Self-hosted WordPress.org Site for Business

Editors Comment: We have updated this article with new information in orange! Occasionally, we write about the #1 Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. It is, after all, the platform we built our site and blog on, as well as numerous [...]

5 Website Usability Tips for the Professionally Helpful Site

We recently had the chance to surf the web and gawk at the type of sites out there. To tell you the truth, it reminded the team of the olden days – not necessarily the days of annoying, ugly websites, [...]

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Online Marketing Strategies | More Content, Traffic and Prospects

Studies have shown a direct correlation between content, traffic and leads. For example, a 2011 Hubspot study of over 4,000 businesses showed those that published 20+ posts a month saw 5 times more traffic than those that put 4 pieces [...]

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5 Steps to Boosting the Perceived Value of Your Copywriting Content

So, writers… call me crazy, but do you ever get the idea that brainstorming strategies, research and content creation just aren't appreciated? I mean, do you feel like you're getting your full due for the creativity, cramped fingers and back [...]

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