Online Marketing

More than selling a web presence, online marketing combines copywriting, SEO, social media, content creation and more.


These three acronyms, SEM, SEO and PPC can make all the difference to the staying power of your online business.  They stand for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and are the true backbone of […]

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Clicks to Your Website: An In-depth Review of Link Building Methods

Links are a good way to raise your Google rankings, bringing clicks to your website.  How many links you need depends on your key phrase competition (the number of sites using the same key phrase) and the quality of those […]

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Why Professional SEO Providers Say Test Your Landing Pages

When you talk to professional SEO providers about landing pages, you’ll hear many of them extolling the virtues of testing those pages.  Why?  Why not just build a landing page that works the first time?

First, let’s talk about conventional wisdom, […]

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SEO Writing for Beginners

Before you can learn to write SEO copy, you have to learn to write. Sorry, there’s no way around that one. Good SEO writing isn’t all that different from, well, plain good writing. One of the most important things about […]

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Blogs and What They Can Do

Everybody and their dog seems to have a blog these days. I even know someone who set up a blog for his cat, I kid you not. Blogs seem to be the new way for the immense populace of the Internet to tell us things about themselves nobody ever wanted to know. In the vast majority of cases, nobody ever will, either. There are so many blogs out there, the odds of one blog being found, read and liked are astronomical! So, why should you even have one, and if you do, what good can it do you?

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New To Internet Marketing? Basics of SEO II

As a writer of SEO articles, I’ve been asked several times what keywords are and what SEO means. The meaning is easy: Search Engine Optimization. The explanation is difficult; there are so many SEO tools for on-page optimization, the information […]

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New To Internet Marketing? Start Here

Tons of people pay good money to start an Internet business every day, believing that the Internet is the way to wealth and the solution to their problems.  The sad part is that the vast majority of them will inevitably […]

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How to Get the Best Results from On Page Optimization

Are you looking for ways to create aneffective SEO campaign with good copywriting skills? Then make sure to use some of the smart and powerful tips for on page optimization techniques given below.
Top 5 ways to improve your site visibility
– […]

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Low ROI, No ROI: Your Landing Page May Be Landing You in the Red

You’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on professional SEO services; they’ve redesigned your entire site. You now have several pages of great, informative SEO content and hundreds of links; you’re ranking on the SERP (search engine results page) at […]

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Testing Landing Pages with clicks to your website

Landing pages are the pages your customers will arrive at when they select links that offer clicks to your website. The customers who do this are coming to your website because they’re interested in what you’re offering in a particular […]

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