Mobile Marketing Best Practices

With so many people accessing the web on their mobiles, a smooth mobile user experience is essential. Follow our mobile marketing best practices for a mobile-friendly site. Focus your content and navigation according to usability There’s the task-focused user, who uses to their phone or tablet on-the-go to complete a task. Then there’s the time-killing […]

5 Creative Content Strategies for the Youngs


They might be stereotyped as misunderstood, directionless and fickle, but when it comes to digital content, teens tweens and young adults know exactly what they want: They want to feel something. It’s no secret that new media makes the biggest impact with younger audiences. Photos, videos and images are just the tip of the iceberg. In […]

Lessons From a Lost Phone


I guess there is no need to lecture about our reliance on the ubiquitous smart phones that everyone is carrying about these days, but having lost mine for a brief period recently I suddenly seem to have attached more importance to mine and especially the data stored on it. It was a sunny day and […]

Backing Up and Moving Your WordPress Website Safely and Easily


Ever have one of those days when everything went wrong? How about the time when your new 500 page website got hacked and you had no backup? Or the day your hosting company decided to increase your hosting fees by 500%? Or when the new dev wiped out your best client’s site, trying to “improve” […]

Look out! More Mobile Search Ads might be right behind you!


OK, I’m not any more fond of statistics than you are, but sometimes they can reveal some startling information, such as the fact that in many of the world’s prime markets mobile phone penetration has exceeded 100%. More than one phone per person, and I can see that happening right in my own family. Let’s […]

Mobile App Analytics By Google

As per the analysis and growth forecasts for the Worldwide Mobile Applications Market the apps business has finally ‘come of age’ and this worldwide success story is now growing fast. Apps generated an impressive USD 12 billion in 2012, and in total 46 billion apps were downloaded in the year, taking the cumulative all-time total […]

Productivity Tips

If you are like most business owners, you are juggling about a million and one different things.  If you are a smaller organization or entrepreneur, you may not have a lot of support staff to help you out.  Staying focused and on track is essential to your business growth.  After 13 years of being in […]

Working in a Vacuum

Trust Me I'm a Doctor

I recently spoke with a prospective client for a cleanup project after they received one of those pesky Google Slaps for unnatural links and their site dropped a couple of hundred pages in the SERPs. As usual, the first thing I did was send them our discovery form, so we’d have an idea of what […]

Are you Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

I got embroiled in a discussion a few days ago that reminded me of a problem that I knew existed years ago, but had conveniently forgotten. I’ve run into it before, when I used to attend a lot of conventions every year. I guess whether it’s the NCC or a search industry conference, sexist incidents […]

Quickly and Easily Move A WordPress Site From Development To Production

There are numerous ways to move a WordPress site from a development environment to the live, production environment, but there’s one method I’ve found that makes things quick and easy for me. I thought I would share the process so others can have a little less pain when attempting this. I realize that this is […]