Press Release Tips


Press releases were used and abused by many as an SEO tactic and then some of the hype wore off.  Because people aren’t talking them up as much, many site owners don’t think of a press release as part of their strategy. Press releases are still valuable tools – when used properly. When they are […]

Getting Ready for an Amazing 2013 – A Letter to Our Readers

Ramping things up for 2013

Welcome to 2013, the latest year the future has to bring us. I’m ready for a fantastic new year of growth, and I hope you are, too. As you may have noticed, we’ve upped our publishing schedule to three posts per week for the past month or so (an accomplishment that my team will tell […]

We’ve Come a Long Way…

Call this a press release. Heck, call it a chatty letter. You can even call it bragging, because we’re proud of the things our company is doing. We’ve come a long way, baby. The founder of Level343, Gabriella Sannino, is an Italian transplant. She’s lived in the U.S. for more years than she’d care to say (and we have an NDA clause that says we won’t spill the whole “age” thing), been in more countries than you can shake a stick at and speaks five languages fluently.

Great SEO copy doesn’t just happen it has to be created


When writing SEO copy for yourself or a client understanding their market is very important. It takes certain keywords from the client and certain creativity from the copywriter to blend the two. SEO is becoming a very specialized field. Like the era soon we will be saturated with SEO experts and basically no one […]

Your SEO Tasks for the week

If you are going to crawl up the Google PageRank you have to be organized and you have to set up goals and tasks for yourself. This week or at least the next five working days you should spend some time following these easy steps I have been posting. This is going to take commitment […]

Blogs, Articles, Press Releases and SEO

What do blogs, articles, press releases and search engine optimization all have in common? Your Internet business will die a lonely death without them. Blogs, articles and press releases are all part of any functional comprehensive search engine optimization program. SEO isn’t about using technical tricks in order to seem more relevant. Instead, SEO is […]

How to Choose a Good Directory Submission

Have you noticed more and more emails promising to submit your site to over 1000 directories for $50-$400? Well the truth of the matter is most directories they submit your site to are worthless. Sure this is arguable, but the fact of the matter is ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish with these […]

Level 343 created the 12-step SEO campaign available to their users online

Level343 has experienced a significant growth spurt, as well as increased recognition attributing this directly to the implementation of a proven 12 step SEO campaign. Businesses thrive or shrivel based on marketing savvy. In the Internet world PageRank is key! So its paramount to utilize a strategy that will get your product or services ranked […]

Search-Engine Marketing

This is the dreaded truth about SEM. These days, search-engine marketing provide several beneficial opportunities to not only the marketers but also to millions of Internet users. Search-engine marketing is the easiest way to look for information, products and an excellent method for advertisers to locate and acquire potential customers. But it’s not easy enough […]

SEO Copywriters

SEO Copywriters are a recent class of expert writers, who are fluent and prolific writers. SEO Copywriters have the talent to influence words in a way, which makes them seamless with both search engines and web readers alike. SEO Copywriters will usually bid high since more often than not they will double the clients money. […]