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by gabriellasannino on December 6, 2012

Level343 specializes in multilingual SEO services, with experience in optimizing global, multinational enterprise company websites.

At Level343, our international SEO services is comprised of a team that covers 13 languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese and Arabic. Each member understands this industry, from the technical aspects to the critical thinking required to handle international campaigns. Language nuances affect keyword research, and translation tools will never be able to accurately handle this task. Our team lives within the target markets you are trying to reach, and they are your connection to that market.

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Meet the Level343 International SEO Team

Gabriella Sannino

Gabriella Sannino

Gabriella è l’intrepida leader di Level343. Level 343 si occupa di strategie di marketing e di copywriting SEO, con un focus particolare su tecniche di SEO organico innovative e sofisticate. L’obiettivo principale di Gabriella è accrescere il traffico sul sito dei suoi clienti, nonché sviluppare il loro business attraverso la presenza sul web e attività di comunicazione online. Il suo grande know how può essere messo al servizio di aziende di ogni tipo e dimensione, in ogni mercato e Paese, consentendo ad ogni realtà di avere successo sul web, sia attraverso il sito istituzionale che grazie ad attività più “social”.

La sua passione è creare marche di successo grazie a tecniche di social media marketing, garantendo allo stesso tempo dei contenuti rilevanti; in questo modo la presenza aziendale può integrarsi in maniera continuativa con una strategia di SEO organico. Da ultimo, ma non ultimo, Gabriella ha avuto un ruolo fondamentale nella stesura del libro sul SEO “The Internet” di Ann Kaplan.

Gabriella is Level343′s fearless leader. Level343 handles marketing strategies and SEO copywriting, specializing in sophisticated and innovative Organic SEO techniques. Gabriella’s primarily aims to increase clients’ site traffic and further develop their businesses through the presence of the web and online communication. Her goal is to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, in all countries and industries – to put their website and social activities on the Internet map of success.

Her passion is building brands through social media marketing techniques while providing relevant copywriting; thus allowing the business presence to seamlessly integrate within an overall organic SEO strategy. She has been instrumental in writing an SEO book, “The Internet” by Ann Kaplan.

Wissam Dandan

Wissam Dandan

يعمل وسام مستشاراً في التسويق وتهيئة المواقع بمحركات البحث (SEO)، وهو مؤسس شركة ’ليب سيو ديزاين‘ من أصل لبناني يسكن حالياً في دايتونا بيتش في فلوريدا. يحمل وسام شهادة البكالوريوس في التمويل من الجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت، وقد بدأ حياته المهنية في ’أفيلييت ماركيتينغ‘ في مطلع سنة 2008 ثم افتتح شركته الخاصة لخدمات التسويق الإلكترونية الكاملة سنة 2009، وقد عمل لأكثر من أربع سنوات على مجموعة واسعة من المشاريع التي تتنوع في متطلباتها وأحجام ميزانياتها.

يتكلم وسام ثلاث لغات (العربية والفرنسية والإنكليزية) ويتميز بحنكته وقوة فهمه للشؤون التحليلية والثقافة الاجتماعية، ويقدّم شغفُه بالتحليل وتهيئة المواقع بمحركات البحث (SEO) لزبائن Level343 خبرةً فنية وتحليلية لا نظير لها.

Wissam is an SEO and Internet Marketing consultant who currently lives in Daytona Beach, Florida and is the founder of LebSEO Design. Wissam is originally from Lebanon and holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from the American University of Beirut. He started In Affiliate Marketing in early 2008 and opened his full service digital marketing company in 2009. For more than 4 years, Wissam has been involved in projects with widely ranging requirements and budgets.

Wissam is a seasoned tri-lingual SEO Consultant (Arabic, French and English) with a strong understanding in analytics and social culture. His passion for SEO and analytics provides Level343 clients with unmatched technical and analytical experience.

Donna Fontenot

Donna D. Fontenot

Donna is an SEO and Social Media Strategist, specializing in small business Internet marketing, eBusiness coaching and consulting. She is also a novelist, having released her first suspense novel, The Grave Blogger, in the summer of 2012. She lives in south Louisiana, graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Science, and is of Cajun descent.

Donna is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional, with “Honors Distinction”. She also has years of experience with programming, technical audits, blogging and WordPress (installs, upgrades, troubleshooting, theme tweaks, etc.). Her specialties include creative writing, organic SEO, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content creation, blogging, WordPress tweaking and troubleshooting, and blog development.

Donna ist eine erfahrene SEO und Social Media Strategin, spezialisiert auf Internet Marketing, e business, Coaching und Beratung fuer kleine Unternehen. Als Schriftstellerin ( Authorin), wurde ihr erstes Buch, der Kriminalroman “The Grave Blogger”, im Sommer 2012 veroeffentlich.

Sie lebt in Sued Louisiana und ist von Cajun Abstammung. Donna absolvierte LSU, mit einem Bacholor of Science Diplom. Sie ist eine gepruefte Marketing Fachfrau mit Honors Destinction. Sie hat langjaehrige Erfahrung im Programmieren, in technischer Ueberpruefung der Buecher und i WordPress (installiert Upgrades, troubleshooting (Vermittlerin) Thema Tweaks, etc).

Ihr Spezialgebiet ist kreatives Schreiben, organische SEO, Social Media Marketing, Inhalt Entwurf, sowie blogging and WordPress tweaking.


Shu-Yao Chien

Shu-Yao Chien

錢書耀博士出生於台灣台北,畢業於國立台灣大學資訊工程學系。爾後赴美留學,就讀於加州大學洛杉磯分校电脑科学系 (UCLA, Computer Schience Department),並獲頒博士學位。研究專長為大型資料庫系統分析。他亦擁有工商管理碩士學位。

錢書耀博士曾服務於多家國際知名企業,包括亞馬遜 (,雅虎 (, 美商天睿信息系统 (Teradata),歷任資深工程師,產品經理,產品總監等職務。錢博士擁有八年的搜索引擎營銷(SEM / PPC),搜索引擎優化(SEO),顯示廣告 (Display Advertising),社交網路營銷 (Social Nework Marketing),及智慧型手機廣告營銷 (Mobile Marketing) 的經驗,並帶領客 服團隊為許多客戶成功地達成多項營銷指標。錢博士相信唯有準確地為廣告主測量關鍵績效指標 (KPI, key performance index),並建立獨特的市場洞察力 (Market Insight) 及客戶智能 (Customer Intelligence),才能幫助廣告主建立長期市場營銷優勢。

Shu-Yao joins Level343 with eight years of hands-on digital marketing experience in areas of display advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Marketing, and Mobile Marketing. Shu-Yao worked in the digital marketing and e-commerce business sectors with market-leading companies, including Yahoo, Webtrends, Amazon and a couple of digital marketing optimization start-ups.

Shu-Yao’s expertise is to utilize advanced targeting dimensions (geographic targeting, demographic targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, re-targeting etc.) along with various optimization techniques (day-parting, creative optimization, landing page optimization, etc.) to increase marketing campaign performance and advertisers’ ROI. Particularly, Shu-Yao is a strong believer in capturing KPI and establishing business insight for every campaign. Only through quantified business insight, advertisers can establish sustainable advantage.

Shu-Yao is a native Chinese speaker and reader. He reads both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. Shu-Yao received his PhD degree in Computer Science from UCLA and Bachelor degree in Computer Science from National Taiwan University, and he finished his MBA at Santa Clara University in December 2012. In his leisure time, Shu-Yao enjoys practicing Chinese martial art.

Sante J. Achille

Sante J. Achille

Sante ha una laurea in ingegneria e si occupa di Web e Web Marketing dal 1995, quando ha attivato il primo POP (Punto di Accesso) Internet dell’Aquila ed uno dei primi in Italia. In una vita lavorativa precedente, ha lavorato per grandi aziende e per l’Agenzia Spaziale Europea dove ha scoperto il web. Ha una vastissima esperienza accumulata in 17 anni di attività pratica e concreta, gli piace “sporcarsi le mani” e fare le cose – solo così s’impara. Ha ottimizzato ed analizzato centinaia di siti anche di grandi dimensioni e sa che i fattori critici di successo di una iniziativa di Web Marketing sono il frutto di un compromesso che tenga in conto tutte le variabili che concorrono al funzionamento di una azienda. Sviluppa molte attività di ottimizzazione e posizionamento organico e gestisce campagne di Search Advertising. È bilingua e sviluppa volentieri contenuti per siti web.
Sante lives in Italy and works out of a small medieval town called L’Aquila, 1 hour east of Rome, recently hit by a devastating earthquake in April 2009. After acquiring a degree in engineering in 1986, he worked for major aerospace companies as a design engineer. In 1991 he joined the European Space Agency as a project management team member. In 1993 was introduced to the World Wide Web and took an interest to the technology and the far reaching implications it would have on society. In 1994 he participated in the second World Wide Web Conference held in Chicago to better understand the Web, and immediately afterwards resigned from his post with the European Space Agency to start his own company. Today he is a Professional Search Marketing Consultant to Industry, Regional Government with 17 years of hands on working experience, and provides consulting services in partnership with major Italian Web Agencies Web Certain (UK), and Nordic eMarketing (Iceland).

Klaus Junginger


Klaus Junginger é jornalista. Foi repórter do IDGNOW!, redator da ComputerWorld e contribui regularmente com diversos sites de tecnologia, sempre voltado ao mercado de searchmarketing. Depois de assumir a editoria do Portal Imprensa, deixou a organização para dedicar-se aos curso de SEO e de gestão de crise online para redatores, jornalistas e assessores de imprensa. Fluente em alemão e em inglês, Klaus tem dezenas de artigos sobre SEO publicados em periódicos do exterior.
Since August of 2011, Klas has run SEO Training sessions for copywriters and online news editors as well as writing articles for various IT related online magazines.

Previously, Klaus was a reporter at IDGNoW! Brazil’s branch of the IDG Network, pursuing search and internet-related themes for Computerworld and similar sites.

He has been covering SEM, SEO and searchmarketing since June of 2009, and is a certified SEO professional.

Klaus is fluent in German, English and Portuguese languages, has some basic Spanish language abilities, and some elementary Arabic (both written and spoken).

His specialties include: - Searchmarketing, SEO and SEM journalist; - Online news search strategy; - SEO coach for news rooms - Online content editing; - Multi-search engine strategies (SEO, SEM & SMO).


Doc Sheldon Campbell

Doc Sheldon Campbell

Doc Sheldon se jubiló de asesoría de dirección de negocios en 2008, transformándose en estudiante perpetuo de todo lo relativo de SEO. Empezó como proveedor de contenido textual a una selección de clientes mundiales, tiene cinco años en la rama de SEO y más que cuarenta años escribiendo profesionalmente.

Doc Sheldon retired from his business management consultancy in 2008 and became a perpetual student of all things SEO. He began providing professional webcopy to a worldwide array of clients, and has been actively involved in SEO for over five years, and writing professionally for nearly forty.

Bruno Gebarski

Bruno Gebarski

Désirez-vous :

- doubler vos bénéfices nets et enregistrer des revenus récurrents avec des stratégies de croissance rentable ?

- transformer vos collaborateurs en équipes passionnées qui attirent les générations Y et Z ?

- augmenter la satisfaction et l’engagement de tous vos collaborateurs ?

- élaborer une culture d’entreprise créatrice et innovatrice ?

Ne vous vous laissez pas prendre par la dictature du cour-terme induite par les exigences des marchés mais transformez votre entreprise en une organisation apprenante qui se base sur ces 5 piliers fondamentaux :

1. Développement d’une Culture d’Entreprise afin de responsabiliser tous vos collaborateurs

- Transformez vos Ressources Humaines en centre et phare culturel de votre mission d’Entreprise 2.0

- Autonomisez tous vos employés grâce au déploiement d’une culture durable d’Entreprise 2.0

- Déployez vos réseaux sociaux d’entreprise (RSE) afin de promouvoir la créativité et encourager l’innovation

- Développez l’intelligence collective afin de rester compétitif et d’encourager la pensée divergente et créative

2. Transformation de votre marketing traditionnel en marketing numérique de contenu (Content Marketing)

- Déployez le marketing au sein de toute l’entreprise afin obtenir une marque durable et performante

- Attirez vos clients, consommateurs et prospects avec un marketing de contenu bien ciblé/cerné

- Tirez vos offres de Marketing (Pull Marketing) au lieu de les poussez (Push Marketing)

- Convertissez tous vos employés en évangélistes de votre marque

3. Stratégie de Medias Sociaux

- Maîtrisez les bouleversements technologiques d’aujourd’hui et choisissez soigneusement vos outils digitaux

- Déployez une véritable stratégie de médias sociaux avec des outils de mesure performants

- Relevez le défi des médias sociaux et utilisez ceux-ci afin d’améliorer votre service client et service après-vente

- Mesurez le ROI ou ROMI de votre marketing digital (Return on [Marketing] Investment)

4. BOYD (Bring your own Device)

- Déployez un plan BYOD (Apporter Vos Propres Terminaux) afin de « mobiliser » tous les secteurs de l’entreprise

- Transformez votre site d’internet pour être compatible HTML5 et utiliser les effets CSS3

- Ajoutez au plan BYOD une stratégie de Mobile Device Management ou de « Gestion de Terminaux Mobiles »

- Renforcez l’accès des postes de travail stratégique par approche mobile multiplateformes

5. Informatique dématérialisée / Cloud Computing

- Réduisez vos investissements et vos dépenses d’exploitation

- Assurez une plus grande flexibilité de votre entreprise par le biais d’un modèle à la demande et à la carte

- Libérez vos ressources informatiques et rendez les plus disponible pour l’innovation

- Virtualisez et mobilisez vos postes de travail grâce à l’âge de l’informatique dématérialisée (Cloud Computing)

Bruno GebarskiBruno Gebarski addresses the following:

- Develop a Social Enterprise 2.0 business culture while hiring first for passion and second for skills

- Enhance traditional outbound marketing with a 21st century Content (Inbound) Marketing Strategy

- Create a Social Media Strategy while establishing first a genuine company culture

- Introduce a Mobile Strategy because consumerization of IT and BYOD / BYOT are here to stay

- Implement Cloud Computing while pioneering workplace virtualization and prescriptive Business Intelligence

Social Enterprise 2.0, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Mobile Technology and Cloud Computing

- Introduce a social business 2.0 culture and redefine USP and actual business goals

- Create a content marketing strategy and enhance the traditional outbound marketing philosophy

- Roll out a social media strategy with a tailor made social media plan including ROMI measuring tools

- Choose and integrate private, public or hybrid cloud computing considering all IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and BPaaS, platforms: include workplace virtualization, Big Data and prescriptive Business Intelligence considerations

- Build up mobile computing technology and roll out a MDM / MAM strategy with its respective BYOD plan



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  • Our international team is located in 7 countries and speaks 13 languages
  • We have the pulse of the people in the regions in which we live
  • We are experienced with international campaigns for large enterprises
  • We focus on accurate native translation, with an understanding of global language nuances
  • We ensure consistent brand message across languages
“Gabriella & Level343 was a perfect resource for our project. She is an expert in her field and brought a deeper insight into the project and helped us deliver a better end product for our customer. A great blend of analytics, writing and business acumen, she was able to take little direction and run with her end of the project in an efficient manner and delivered early. I will definitely be using her again in the future!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Sean Shoffstall, Chief Operating Officer, Ozone Online LinkedIn