Measuring Metrics Walkthrough | KPIs, Benchmarks and Analytics


The last two weeks we’ve been discussing the standard business funnel of Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Retention. We started with the Search News Central article, Measuring Metrics for Success, and now here we are at last, wrapping up the whole kit n’ caboodle. We have a lot to go through today, so let’s get […]

Measuring Conversion KPIs | Are Your Campaigns Succeeding?

Red Flags

Wouldn’t it be nice to see that your online marketing campaigns are working by looking at more than your company’s bottom line? When running concurrent campaigns (and you are, aren’t you?), you want to see how each of them perform. Otherwise, even when your bottom line says they’re succeeding, you could be doing extremely well […]

Acquisition and the KPIs to Track It | Metric Measuring Part Deux


Welcome back to the second installment of our metric measurement info morsels, Acquisition and the KPIs to Track It. Our disclaimer is as follows: the last one was less of a morsel and more of a meal. Sorry ’bout that. Part one recap: we discussed Awareness, the beginning of the standard business funnel. We talked […]

SEO Campaigns and the Ever Essential Benchmark

Winning the race

Winning the Business Race We’ve all been there. You have this sweet SEO campaign planned out to the nth degree. You’ve put it into motion. You’re sure it’s going to: Increase your traffic; Boost your ranking; Boost your ROI (Return on Investment). Problem: After three months, your ROI is still a sinking ship. Your ranking seems to have a severe lack of motivation; it hasn’t even tried to move. Worse yet, your visitors have the attention spans of guppies, staying only long enough for the site to load – if you have visitors at all.

SEO Campaigns, Analytics, Benchmarks and Changes


One Store Stands ApartOften, it takes a month or two to see any real changes due to your SEO campaign implementation. However, if you’re moving into the fourth month with a case of “nothing’s happening” blues, you need to make some changes – but what changes need to be made?