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Keyword Research Step By Step

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO campaign.  I get a lot of questions about how to do keyword research and about the best tools.  So here is a little primer on how I do keyword research.  If you do […]

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Using Google Web Analytics to Check Your SEO Campaign: Keywords

Now, in the SEO industry, Google Web Analytics is a touchy subject. So, for those in the industry who feel the need to yell and rant because I’m adding “Google” to the title, yell on, while I talk to the target audience.

Because, you see, GA is a free analytics platform. Thus, it’s widely used by many business owners small and large. As well, tons of SEO tools incorporate with Google Analytics, such as Raven Tools – a product I’m testing now. While you can use the analytics program offered with most web hosting platforms, many find it hard to read the raw data. Thus, GA – nuff’ said.

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6 Ways SEO Copywriting Services Work for You

SEO copywriting services – the designation is quite a mouthful. If you can write, these services may also sound like a waste of good money. After all, why have someone write for you when you’re perfectly capable of providing your own content (or copy)? However, SEO copywriting services do make a difference, and in very specific, noticeable ways. […]

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Is Your SEO Campaign Missing Something?


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Finding the Right SEO Consultant

In simple and straightforward English, a SEO consultant is a person who can provide certified and expert search engine optimization services and advice to people. A fully qualified and official SEO consultant should advise people on all facets of their […]

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