Marjorie Steele


SEO Consultant

Marjorie Steele is a creative writer, digital strategist and all around troublemaker. Farm-raised in the Midwest and educated in the Pacific Northwest, Marjorie isn’t afraid to challenge norms, and she has a knack for looking at all sides of an issue. A degree in poetry and anthropology have taught her to adapt her writing and strategy to any audience. She has a spidey sense for brand storytelling.

In 2008, Marjorie first cut her SEO copywriting teeth working as a newsroom editor for an online industrial manufacturing ad agency. After a year of learning the industry’s ropes, she bought a house and quit her job the following week. Since then Marjorie has freelanced, consulted and worked in-house with a wide range of agencies and clients, from automotive repair to real estate startups.

Marjorie is a hot yogi, a coffee addict, a night owl and grateful for the 3 hour time difference between herself and Gabriella – especially in the morning. She lives with her Fil-Am family in West Michigan. Connect with Marjorie on Twitter.