10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Our guest discusses some of the most common security threats that you might face as a blogger. Use the tips to stay protected at all times.

Running a successful blog is not easy. It is also something that does not happen overnight. You need to keep writing quality posts before you can see an increase in the number of loyal followers. In fact, some bloggers have spent years before finally becoming popular.

This only means that you can’t afford to lose the entire blog just because of a security attack. There were a lot of bloggers who have lost everything they have worked hard for because of a security attack. Perhaps, you can recover some of the posts, but you can’t bring back lost time. Some followers may unfollow you and it would be hard bringing them back to the fold.

As a blogger, you must focus not just on the content of your posts, but in making sure that the site is safe against any form of security threat.

Outdated WordPress

There is nothing wrong in using a hosting site like WordPress for your blog. Just remember that they release software updates all the time. It means that you have to install the new version. One of the reasons for the update is to increase security. The old version has somehow become vulnerable to security threats. If you can’t do the necessary updates, it could potentially bring the site down.

Virus-filled plugins

It is fine if you use plugins to improve the blog. They can do a lot to make the site look better and have more interesting functions. As long as they were taken from legitimate sources, you have nothing to worry about. This becomes problematic if you have downloaded the wrong plugin and it is virus-filled. This could really place your site in peril.

Weak password

The truth is that password protection is an outdated technology. A lot of experts can easily hack into computers without necessarily knowing what the password is. Sometimes, they can easily guess the password. The least that you can do is to keep changing the password. Avoid the most common passwords or anything related to your blog.

Letting anyone leave comments

The good thing about blogs is that they can be interactive. You will easily speak with your most loyal followers via the comment section. The only problem is that if anyone can leave comments without approval, you make your site more vulnerable to attacks. These outsiders have the chance to penetrate the system if they can leave comments without approval.

Bad deals

The good thing about running a blog is you can get a lot of money from it especially if you have reached a certain level of popularity. You might even reach a point where advertisers decide to pay money just so they can leave ads on your blog site. This is a good thing since you also want to cash out on your efforts.

However, you also have to understand that by allowing outsiders to leave ads on your site, you have just made it more vulnerable to attacks. Unless you are certain about the advertiser and you think the deal is good enough, don’t ever accept it. If the offer is too unbelievable, it is obviously a bad deal that must be avoided.

Redirection threats

There are instances in which visitors to your site end up being redirected to other sites. This is called a malicious redirect. Those who have unfortunately clicked the link will end up going to a virus-filled site. They are exposed to more security threats.

Since they reached those sites because of your blog, you might end up taking the blame. Gradually, your most loyal followers will go away. They will think that you were responsible for the security threats. Once you have lost their trust, it would be difficult to take it back.

Be careful

If there is one lesson that you have learned from the entire process, it is the idea of being extremely careful with any of your transactions. Make sure that you don’t let any attack happen. The admin of the site must only be you and perhaps your IT guy. It would be easier to determine the problem if there are not a lot of people controlling the site.

Once a problem exists, make sure that it is stopped before it escalates. You must do everything necessary to succeed against these bad forces. The infographic below discusses some of the most common security threats that you might face as a blogger. Use the tips to stay protected at all times.

Security Attacks infographic

Author Bio: Scott has been blogging and managing websites like Powered by Search for several years now. He developed a multitude of strategies and methods to streamline his content production allowing him to do more in much less time and free up his schedule to better enjoy life.


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