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10 Reasons You Should Join Social Networks in 2010

Everyday around the world, more and more people are joining social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Technorati etc… My question is why?

It has been said that if you continue to do what you have always done, you are going to get what you’ve always been getting. In other words, you need to change business strategies and marketing campaigns to adapt with the times. Darwin once said that it is not the fittest of the species that survive but the ones that are most adaptive to change. Let’s take a tip from him and apply it to marketing through social media networks. Remember, change is sometimes good.

Here are ten reasons why companies should join social media and how they can make their campaigns a success

1. Change Your Networking Technique

The first thing companies should understand is their market. For example, what makes your customers loyal? Is it your service, your product, both? Second is to find out where your customers are. That can be achieved by a simple study placed on your website. Ask them to link to you on the various social networking sites by placing a Twitter, Facebook, Sphinn and/or Digg button or just asking them. This will give you a basis in better understanding who your current customers are and which ones are missing. This is a great starting point for making positive change happen.

Making the changes needed to your existing social networking techniques and adapting to your market will give you a better reach to a new market audience each and every month. Make it a point to set up one of the social networking links on your company site or if not, at least include a blog that is updated monthly with news and fresh content. Solicit questions from your repeat customers. And please remember, testing and re-testing various techniques is part of the process.

2. Use Facebook For Your Business Out Reach

Use Facebook’s networking system to build a page that carries news of your company. Apart from this, you should also engage in various ‘Events’ and add them to your network. Spend a couple of hours a week understanding what works and what your customers want to know. Invite as many like-minded people to join your group as you can. Start locally… then move your reach as your customers become more global.

3. Utilizing Twitter To The Fullest

Twitter is the fastest growing business tool on the Internet. Look at the Mobile applications available through Twitter. It’s mind-boggling. You can use various tools to establish direct links with your potential customers and provide existing ones with instant updates on company products and policies. It’s no secret that, in time, using Twitter will generate traffic in droves to your web site.

4. Use LinkedIn For Maximum Marketing Advantage

LinkedIn is currently the hub of marketing and affiliate activity on the Internet. Everyone who is anyone will be there. To some it may seem intimidating, but it is very easy to use. You can create a large following that can be channeled into business contacts and a potential customer base.

One suggestion I would like to make is, don’t use LinkedIn to discuss only business activities. Make it a habit to expand your network by discussing things that are of interest to you. It could be green thinking, business conferences, new software or anything else, and don’t be shy to get involved in the Q&A section. Update your activity at least once a month.

5. Make The Most Of Applications And Widgets

Almost all social networking sites offer applications and widgets that can be incorporated into your blogs and web sites. These plugins can help promote a business, when used properly. Twitterfeed is one such application that can be used to channel new blog posts into your twitter account so you never have to log in to post to Twitter.

6. Use Only A Few Networks

Once you are comfortable working and using at least three different networks, then you can test out and try others. But don’t take on too many; it will become overwhelming. Personally, I think that if you spread yourself to thin, you won’t master any of them. Remember that change is key here, and with change comes the responsibility of figuring out your strategies. This will help focus and keep up with regular posting.

7. Be Careful What You Post And What You Don’t

This is really a no brainer… Or is it? How many times have we heard some stupid stunt by an employee or employer? Keep your personal life out of social media. No one really cares but your close circle of friends; remember that the world is not as forgiving as you are, or as your family members might be.

Understand that you are using social media as a networking tool for your business promotions. The effectiveness will always reflect back on your participation. Never waste time posting personal deals on your social networking accounts. You should concentrate on exposing your business and build your brand recognition online. The best way to go about achieving this is to be yourself while staying professional.

8. Make The Most Of Forums

If you have a unique selling point, you should use some forums to highlight them. Comment on blog posts. If your comments are relevant and useful, this is a great way to build recognition and respect for what you have to say and for your company. Posting links to your blog on these forums is another great way to show your commitment to the topic or service you offer. Keep your links relevant to the topic at hand, and don’t be too opinionated. It shows bad form.

9. Keep An Eye Out For The Experts

Look out for seasoned professionals in your niche field. I am a huge believer that it’s not the “gurus”, or so called “gurus”, that should be followed but the ones that make sense. My tip: just because they have a huge following does not, necessarily, mean they know what they are talking about. NO, it just means they know how to market themselves. Watch them; see how they attract readers and followers in all the social networks. I can assure you: it’s all about confidence, knowledge and the will to make things happen.

10. Privacy

This is an important factor that most seem to forget. Make the best use of the privacy settings on your social network account. Set up your email filters, decide whom you want in your network (and whom you want to keep out) and make sure to block out people you do not want to connect to. Keep in mind that you should filter your invitations very carefully- carelessness can lead to a loss of a potential client or customer.

In conclusion, you must ensure that you have a set number of forums and networking sites that you are comfortable interacting with. You should also make it a habit to stay on top of the latest breaking news. Use Google Trends if you have to, or Google Alert, but know your market. Set aside an hour or so every day for your networking, blogging and forum posting. This will lead to a better future for you and your business.

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  1. What a great competition to hold. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I just went through some of your previous posts and now following you on Twitter and FB Fan Page. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  2. I have been participating with blogs for a while now. Blogs are the same they share new information and they find new users every single day.Its given me new field to wonder around. thanks everybody for this great post.I love the concept and enjoy hearing and reply to comments

    1. That’s the best part of blogging, in my humble opinion. Meeting new people and listening to their reaction to the posts, amazing how inspirational some of our readers can be. 🙂 Thanks for your input Jimmy.

  3. Use the social networks wisely and for your advantage. Post things that you know are beneficial to others but wouldn’t harm you. Before clicking enter and posting your comments or photos, ask yourself first if it is really necessary for the world to read your post/comment or see your photo.

  4. Yes, social networks work! I have a Facebook and Tweeter account but I am only active in FB. I might need to work more on being active in Tweeter too.

  5. It’s interesting to go back in time and read what people were thinking about, even for a year ago.

    Point #6 continues to ring true – only use a few networks. Lately, I’m finding it’s just too hard to stay active on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn,G+… inevitably I wind up reverting back to my favorites.

    1. Phil I have one word for #6: Tools 😉 – There are quite a few out there for free and depending on your needs you can manage, schedule, and monitor most of your social networks on one dashboard.

  6. what a cool article. thanks for the info. i really wish more were like it. so many boring reads out there these. i liked the last part. well done

  7. business promotion on social networks is an effective way because the number of users of social networks continue to grow

  8. This 10 Reasons You Should Join Social Networks in 2010 post is also a helpful topic to. This post is very appealing to the readers. Good topic!

  9. Hi I’m experiencing a difficulty visiting your web site, I am having 403 errors extremely often, I am not way too clear why but when I refresh the webpage it comes alright.

  10. Social networking is the new marketing strategy that is the trend of today. Facebook and twitter is the most common used. Thank you for listing some other networking sites that is of big help for social marketing campaign.

    1. Yeah Social networks have to be part of the big picture. Facebook & Twitter are the golden children but I must warn you…If you are working on your Facebook & SEO this is a must read from one of our favorite SEO writers David Harry. Thanks for joining the conversation 🙂

  11. I especially agree with point six, keeping the number of networks you belong to managable. Too many people enter the social networking arena with the idea that they can just flood all of the social networking websites out there with a profile and business will just pour in. That is simply not the case, you need to invest time and effort into cultivating relationships with your target audience on these networks in order to see any returns on your efforts.

  12. well hey there guys, i’ve been looking all over the internet for a GOOD black hat SEO forum.. I was looking for some suggestions
    from you guys to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks a bunch, this place is great btw.

    1. Glad you enjoy the place; we always love to hear from readers – We can’t help with the black hat SEO forum, though; we may occasionally dabble in grey areas, but we stay away from black hat all together.

  13. @ web Design in the UK I really dislike answering a question with another question… But, since I am not familiar with your business I would ask where are your clients now? Who are your clients? Are you geo targeting at all? I see you are a web design company therefore “anyone” could be a potential client. More question to ask would be who are your clients now? Where are they socializing? I wouldn’t advise joining all social networks since it could be a waste of time. But I would suggest you join a few of the popular ones and build relationships. Engage people and test the waters. Have a promotion and track it. Are you getting any response from Social network A? Are you getting questions from a certain niche market? What are your strong suits? I know it’s very competitive out there and as a small business it’s a little discouraging when you are not getting the clients you think you deserve. But on a positive note be true to your craft and have patience.

  14. All very good points to apply to any business or organization. When starting out I think it’s important to just sit back and observe for a little while, learn what others are doing, then slowly dip your toes in the pool. Most businesses are jumping on the social networking bandwaggon, but a well thought out maketing plan coupled with SEO is necessary or else there will be a lot of time and money wasted.

  15. social networks have become the need of each person to chat, make friends, share experiences. business promotion on social networks is an effective way because the number of users of social networks continue to grow

    1. Yes, they are but like many small business owners we need to learn how to harness this gold mine and make it work with our strategy for the future. I am adding a link to our eBook for beginner and old timers alike. Social networks are here to stay no doubt, how are you going to make them work for you is the question everyone should be asking themselves. Thanks for keeping the conversation going, and a very happy New Year!

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