100 + Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

Editor’s note: Due to the large amount of spammers this post series has attracted, we are closing comments. However, we’ve pulled all the posts together into one! You can now see the entire list of fantastic Twitter applications in our free ebook download: 100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

While perusing my Twitter feed the other day, I came across a post with over 160 Twitter applications. It was written in Italian and posted by @CartoneWeb; you can see the Italian version here. Some of them you’ll need to sign up for; others can connect directly with your Twitter account.

I just couldn’t bear to think that English-speaking followers would miss this great list, so I did what I always do and decided to share the buzz regardless of language barriers. I added a few extra tools and omitted the ones that were no longer working, of course, but it’s still a valuable list to review.

Over 1,000 applications exist for Twitter users. If you’re like me, you want to use any tool that makes your social media/micro-blogging/marketing efforts easier. Here are a “few” that might help you along the way, whether for business, fun or just because:


Tired of being spammed? Below, you’ll find a few tools that give you better spam control.

  1. TrueTwit is an application used to validate new followers so you don’t have to. The application allows you to stop wasting time with Twitter spammers.
  2. Tweet Blocker is a free resource for Twitter users and application developers. Using highly advanced filtering it catalogs and ranks the top spammers on Twitter, allowing you to quickly and easily check them against your list.
  3. TwitChuck is loaded with great anti-spam features and lets you remove Twitter spammers from your list.

Sharing Tools

There are a variety of sharing tools available through third-party Twitter applications. I’ve broken them into categories for easy reference:


I like to think of myself as a DJ, so I’m always happy to find a way to share my favorite music. The only downside is sometimes the music you want to share is no longer available.

  1. is the music application I use. Not only can you share your favorite music with your followers, but you can also follow some amazing DJs. That’s the cool part; we all become DJs.
  2. is simple to use. Log in via Twitter, type in the artist or track, and click the preview button…Voila listen and share.
  3. lets you search their media database for the latest music or video to share.
  4. Twiturm is the easiest way to socialize your music. Created for the artist, Twiturm enables users to post their mp3s to several social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Twittermusic is a beta web application, mixing and Twitter APIs. You can play your favorite songs after you tweet them and share your tastes among the Twitter community.
  6. is a 4-step application: insert your Twitter user name, name of the artist, add the song and then send the tweet.
  7. Mp3Twit is a 3-step application: log in with your account, find the mp3 you want to share with your people and, voila, share the link and songs with your followers.


I don’t have time to doodle, but I know a lot of graphic designers like these tools. Even if you are not a designer, sometimes drawing something and sending it out can be worth a thousand words.

  1. DrawTweet lets you share creations with a slick, simple UI, aimed at making drawing a social experience. You can express yourself and then instantly notify your Twitter friends.
  2. Twitpen is a fast, free way to hand-draw a picture and share it with the world (and optionally send it to twitpic and Twitter).
  3. Penola is another cool, easy application to use for anything from color fillers to just doodling.
  4. TwitDraw definitely promotes graffiti, which I like. You need Flash plug-in to use this, but you can get as creative as your fingers and mind let you.

File Sharing

The list below will give you plenty of social networking action. Depending on how you use your Twitter account, quite a few in the list will help you with your daily efforts.

  1. TwittLoad gives you free file hosting for Twitter. You can update your status and share files with your friends and followers.
  2. TweetShare “helps you get the most out of Twitter. Ready for a better Twitter experience? Start a discussion…” There you have it.
  3. FileSocial is the easiest way to share files on Twitter. You can upload any kind of file, from pictures to videos, PDFs or Power point… Whatever you want!
  4. FileTwt brings file sharing to Twitter. With FileTwt you can now easily upload and tweet about your files for free. One of the best Twitter tools out there!
  5. TwitDoc lets you upload your file, shorten the URL, and post a tweet all in one easy step. No sign up needed. Use your existing Twitter account or download their free Adobe AIR desktop client, which enables you to drag and drop your files into your tweets.
  6. TweetCube allows you to share files on Twitter. Simple as that. Blast out your images, videos, music and more with just a couple of clicks. Your files are automatically posted on Twitter.
  7. Twits lets you share things like pictures, documents, videos and audio clips. You receive a set of links to publish to Twitter, blogs, Facebook, MySpace, email, message boards and IM.

Photo and Video Sharing

This list of applications let you search and discover new pictures and videos posted by users in Twitter. A nice break from all the content being passed around.

  1. Twitpic is an application I’ve been personally using. You can post pictures to Titmice from your phone, their API, or through the site itself.
  2. Frog simply lets you share images and videos on Twitter.
  3. is another photo-sharing device. They also have an affiliate program may be worth looking into if you’re interested in monetizing.
  4. TweetPhoto shares photos that people are talking about in real time and includes new mobile applications.
  5. Twitgoo is a quick, easy, reliable, and safe way to share images for Twitter. Upload your pictures from Twitgoo or from hundreds of applications directly to Twitter.
  6. Pikchur is mobile-friendly and social. They have an API that is quick and easy to leverage, along with detailed stats.
  7. TwittImg can be logged into with your Twitter account info. Login in and start sharing your photos.
  8. TwitVid lets you easily share your videos from your phone, computer or webcam.
  9. VidTweeter gives you the ability to instantly create a unique web page that includes the video you want share as well as your Twitter information. This is a simple way to stand-out and connect a bit more with your followers. (no longer available)
  10. Mobypicture lets you directly share your photos, text, audio and videos with all your friends on your favorite social sites: FaceBook, Twitter, flickr, vimeo and others.
  11. BubbleTweet is a very cool way to share a bit about yourself. If I weren’t so shy, I would use this thing, too. It’s also a terrific way to quickly “authenticate your true identity” with them and that’s simply a great way to build a stronger Twitter relationship.

Games and Leisure

Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I’ve never enjoyed playing games on my computer. I realize I’m not the norm, however, so (for the sake of being fair) here is a list of games for you to use and share

  1. ChessTwit is called “the best place to play correspondence chess with your friends on Twitter” by its creators.
  2. Friend Them All doesn’t have any explanation how to play the game. The characters are cute and it looks a bit violent. If that sounds like your kind of “thing”, you can sign in with Twitter and play to your heart’s content.
  3. Die Fail Whale looks like a fun game for those that are into games with high hand-eye coordination. You shoot whales that pop up (much like bop-a-mole), with carnival music playing in the background.
  4. Bet Your Followers lets you sign in with your Twitter account by clicking the big button. Twitter will ask if you want to connect your account to Bet Your Followers — click “Allow.” Then choose which followers you want to bet and start shaking it like a polaroid picture. Battle other Twitter friends — if you defeat them, you win followers. If you lose, you lose followers — seriously!
  5. Trivia on Twitter consists of numerous trivia questions sent out via @trivia. You answer those questions by sending a tweet back via your Twitter account with the answer to that specific question.
  6. Twitter Vampire gives you a chance to “bite those pathetic slaves you call friends”. Suck their blood, earn points and become a powerful Twitter vampire.
  7. 140Mafia is the Mafia game for Twitter. If you love it on Facebook or MySpace, you just might get a kick out of the Twitter version. Start a mob family, recruit your friends, and rule Twitter!
  8. Spymaster uses your Twitter or Facebook account to run your own spy ring with your friends. You can complete solo jobs to raise funding money or order assassinations. The more of your friends you have involved, the greater power you’ll wield over your adversaries.


Easily create groups of friends on Twitter to communicate and exchange views

Below are a few popular group applications. I am sure that, with niche marketing, it can help you find targeted groups. Why not try them? After all, you’re trying to build communities!

  1. Tweetizen a simple web-based tool designed to help you filter the daily influx of tweets, and easily find the ones that are relevant to you.
  2. Tweetworks makes it easy to find and participate in relevant conversations. Enjoy fully threaded conversations, join and create groups on any topic imaginable, and share media with single-click tagging
  3. GroupTweet turns a standard Twitter account into a group communication hub where members can post updates to everyone in the group using direct messages. When the group account receives a direct message from a group member, GroupTweet converts it into a tweet that all followers can see.
  4. Tweetparty is basically an application to group and message Twitter friends. Login using your Twitter account, put your friends in groups and message them all at once.
  5. TwitMesh brings to you Twitter tools and fun at one place. Features like Twitter Groups, Twitter Invitations, Twitter IM and Twitter Search are available without wandering around on other sites. Use your existing Twitter login to use these tools absolutely free.

Many of these Twitter applications can be used for fun, some for business and others because they’re just handy to have. I hope you like this list; between this blog and the next four, we’ll be covering over 100 Twitter applications you can use for business, fun, search and more. If you use one you particularly like and don’t see, let us know. We’ll keep adding as long as you keep sending! Take a look at Part 2: Search the World of Tweets

I would like to thank Joshua Titsworth (SEO Analyst at Vizion Interactive) for helping me muddle through these applications. You can follow him on Twitter since he is  an avid twitterer as well as blogger. He is passionate about all things Internet related and loves learning about new tools and methods. When missing online Josh can be found hunting shanked golf balls across public courses across Kansas and Arkansas.

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    1. I guess it would only be fair to repeat what I said in Italian…” Rather we should be thanking you for collecting all the links … We have only added more information. Our readers are spoiled that way. 🙂 Ciao #bynowthanks lolol

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  4. Tvider is a great app to share photos,videos and music on Twitter all at one place using your webcams or mobile devices.Tvider provides many Twitter functions related to timelines, search, direct messages, lists & much more.

    Have a look at Tvider..

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  6. Look forward to the subsequent posts. You put a lot of work into sharing some gems and nuggets for us.

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    Some of these file sharing apps are golden!

  7. lol I know how it is, and I gladly put my nose to the grindstone… but, erm… no dissin Mafia Wars, k? LOTS of people play those games – you could alienate an entire group of readers…

    @Josh… although, lol, I have to agree with the Farmtwit… Awesome writing, Josh – love your writing style and often sarcastic wit!

  8. I had a blast doing this, I’m anxious to see the responses on this and the other, five is it Jahnelle?

    I do have to say @ctrl-v, there were quite a bit of photo sharing sites I went over. And after looking at link you’ve shamelessly plugged twice, I’m not impressed.

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    1. I’m trying to recall Josh but, me thinks we actually have a few of those or, maybe it was the mafia wars? It was one of those lame games that’s already driving me nuts from FaceBook. I am not sure if I thanked you enough for all your help! Joshua give yourself a big round of applause!

    1. LOLOL Are you serious? Oo my goodness, err sorry Jahnelle didn’t mean to put so much on your plate. But, err.. you know how it is? It was done with the readers in mind had no clue we would be slaves to the list. Well on everyone’s behalf especially Level343 we thank you for taking such good care of editing and making sure the lists are cleaned up!

    1. Thanks Erika I appreciate the help. I figured if I could ask my Twitter rock stars to help then maybe I can justify (ROI) the work put in to list over 180 apps. There are 3 more posts. 😉

  9. It will definitely be helpful to all of us to get a clear look of what changes are happening recently.
    this is the nice information shared with us.

    1. As a matter of fact we have closer to 180 apps/ We had to break them down into 4 posts in order not to overwhelm our readers. We hope you come back for the rest 😉 Have a great week!

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