100+ Twitter Applications Part 5: Mashup of the Fun, Visual and Bizarre

Editor’s note: Due to the large amount of spammers this post series has attracted, we are closing comments. However, we’ve pulled all the posts together into one! You can now see the entire list of fantastic Twitter applications in our free ebook download: 100+ Twitter Applications for Fun, Business and Social Sharing

Although tons of Twitter applications exist in the Twittersphere, we can’t possibly cover them all. As our five part Twitter apps series ends, we leave you with a mashup covering a few of the fun, visual and bizarre apps helping to keep Twitter… Twitter. Our first post Enjoy!

Most Popular Users

These applications let you see the ranking of the most popular and influential users on Twitter. I do have to say that it’s fun checking for people you know.

1. TwitRank – Isn’t a site I’m going to be a fan of any time soon. However, if you want to see who the top 150 Twitter users are (by follower count) then you’ll enjoy it. It also allows visitors to see who has the most updates and who is following the most people.
2. Twitterholic – Is an application I use monthly. While I don’t think I’ll ever compete with @aplusk, I am interested to see how I’m doing locally. It’s pretty straight forward, but beware – stats can only be checked once a day.
3. TwitterCounter – Is a widget, already on a lot of sites. I don’t have it on mine, just because I don’t know where I’d put it. If you want others to know how many followers you have, perfect. This also allows you to track the trend of followers you gain/lose. Pretty handy to keep tracks of stats of your Twitter account.
4. Twitter Grader – Is Hubspot’s way to grade your Twitter account. Not bad. Pretty accurate, and depending on Internet speed it can be quick. It also allows you to grade your friends. One thing I had trouble with was logging in. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to work. There might be a linkage problem between the floor and the keyboard, so that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.
5. Social Implu – Lets you see your rank, check other rankings and, of course, like every single Twitter site, see the top 100 Twitter users The one thing I like about this application is the comparison of the power of your Twitter account with certain type of fowl.


Everybody needs a little decoration now and then. Here are a few places to get free wallpapers to change the look of your account.

1. Twitpaper – If you have trouble discerning what this site is about (other than the title of this section) don’t get a Twitter account. The fact you stumbled across this site is a miracle in itself; don’t tempt fate. They have some great backgrounds for Twitter in case you don’t want to make your own. In addition to the backgrounds, they also have some nice buttons to add to your site to gain followers.
2. Tweety Got Back – When I first read the name of this site, I half expected to see something provocative appear on the screen. Instead, I was met by a featured artist with neatly combed hair and scruffy beard. I was pulled in to look at Tyson Crosbie’s work, some of the best on this list, in my opinion. This guy is one of many talented designers on this site. These backgrounds are as unique as the artists themselves. Hey Tyson, next, how about a layout where users can place their pics behind your beard?
3. TweetXilla – Has some pretty unique backgrounds. They not only offer a wide variety to choose from for free, but they also offer a service to make custom backgrounds (though I’m not sure I’d pay $95). The free ones aren’t too shabby. One plus that I really like is when new backgrounds are added they let you know right on the front page.
4. Twitter Backgrounds Gallery – Claims to have the largest showcase of unique Twitter backgrounds. They might, but half the ones on the first page I’ve seen on many Twitter accounts. That said, isn’t the point of picking a background to be unique? They do have an extensive gallery, but if you decide to pick a background from this site, I’d tweak it and make it your own.
5. Twitter Gallery – To be honest I have nothing to say about this site. I’m sick and tired of hearing about Justin Bieber; when I saw a background devoted to him, I left the site. Please feel free to venture back here and peruse at your own ocular risk.
6. FreeTwitterDesigner – Is very basic, and not too customizable. They do have some interesting designs to start with, however. If not for this list and writing up a review of this site, I’d forget about it.

Visual Mashup Tool

These original and interesting services make Twitter a visually pleasant experience. Some may not have any actual “tool” value, but they’re all neat in their own way.

1. TweetMasher – Is an interesting app that lets users search for words or hashtags mentioned in a tweet, and displays the results in a pretty cool manner. The filters are pretty advanced, and come on! The way it displays the results is just so tight.
2. Twinkler – Well, I tried using this app, but performing a search on this site caused an error to occur. Firefox was used, not IE, which would have caused my screen to explode. However, it might work for you.
3. Twittospheric – Looked like a neat app. I thought it might be nice to see results flying by – sort of like the banner was for Tiger at his first PGA tour event back after sleeping with the Perkins waitress. After waiting for five minutes for search results to appear though, I’m giving up.
4. Tori’s Eye – Does what Twittospheric was supposed to do. However, a few differences. One is that the site has origami birds; not bad, I kind of like it. The results are shown like a banner. Your cursor must rest on a bird to stop it and read the tweet. I’m not sure if I like that feature or not. What I really don’t like is when a search is being done the birds are still flying by. Therefore, when the search is over, you don’t know when the results have started.
5. Twitt3D – I got a headache when I tried using this site. One glance at the homepage and you’ll see why. I didn’t get a chance to look too deeply into this app. From what I could tell, once you sign in it lets you view Twitter accounts in a 3D graph, searched by moving the cursor at different points across it. Again, this may induce headaches.
6. Portwiture – Ever wondered what you were subconsciously tweeting? @AlanBleiweiss has issues, according to Portwiture. What are you really tweeting? What are your followers tweeting? Pretty funny, and a good site to waste away time on.
7. Twitter Friends – Network Browser – Not bad, I like the layout. It’s pretty simple, but hard to figure out what to do. With this in mind, I’m not to sure what to report on. I like being able to search by any Twitter handle, not having to sign in, and even the way the results appear, but what am I supposed to do when I ‘drag’ them?

Bizarre Applications

The unusual, bizarre and original has found Twitter in the form of these last applications. Can you use them? Maybe. Would you want to? Hmm… maybe.

1. Qwitter – Not to be mistaken with the other (wtf?)  Qwitter. This applications states it helps you stop smoking… an interesting application. I’d really like to read any testimonials of those who have quit smoking via Twitter. It shows how many have signed up to quit, but how many have actually quit? I really like the concept of utilizing Twitter to find those also trying to quit in order to form a support group. Kudos to this site for using social media as it is intended.
2. Bkkeeper remembers the page of the book you’re reading, like a bookmark… Seriously? You have to be kidding me. This app is actually for people who forget what page of a book they are reading. Wow, I guess folding the page or getting an ACTUAL BOOKMARK is a thing of the past. Now, to remember what page I’m on I have to access this app to figure it out.
3. CurseBird keeps track of the most common expletives shared on Twitter. I’m sure most tweeps who read this will either go explore or bookmark this app. This site tracks the amount of times curse words are used and even updates real time as they are used. Great for a laugh, not so site friendly for work (or it may be).
4. Tweet What You Eat – To share what you eat. Similar to the Qwitter application for smoking, this app is designed for you to keep track of what you eat. This does offer some cool tools for those wanting to take it seriously. For instance, a calorie calculator and weight tracker (be honest).
5. Commuter Feed –  Provides traffic information. You have to wonder if this app is the reason for most of these accidents. Basically, this allows users to update traffic information from their location. “Hmm the roads seem to be clear, better tweet this” *WHAM* just rear-ended a bus. Five cars back, “Oh man an accident, better tweet this” *WHAM* re-ends the car in front of him so on and so forth. Never Tweet and drive, people.
6. Foamee reminds a person that you’re offering a coffee or a beer. Pretty neat app if you want to offer to buy someone a beer or coffee. However, this keeps a record of each time you do this, so unless you’re prepared to follow up, I’d use with caution. It might be best not to drunk tweet using this app.
7. Post Like a Pirate – Converts messages into the language of pirates. Are you a fan of Pirates of the Carribean? Do you long to be like Johnny Depp, wearing eye make-up with another eye painted on top of your eye? Then use this app to post like a pirate! Pretty cool concept. I like it!
8. Secrettweet lets you post your secrets anonymously. I think this site is good for confession, but a little ironic. Post your tweets secretly here for the public to see and let them respond back to it. Everything is kept anonymous, so I’m sure the site was named Secrettweet for aesthetics.
9. TweetWasters calculates the time spent to write messages on Twitter. Calculate the time I spend tweeting? Do I really want to know that? Do you? Well, I bet your boss would, I know mine does. Really great and simple to use. Ironically this is another way to waste time other than tweeting by checking out how much others have wasted time tweeting.
10. Flixup – What people say about movies just out of the movies. While this does require a user to sign in to vote, you can browse ratings freely. Essentially, Twitter users rate movies… well, via Twitter. Easy to understand; easy to use. For the record, if I did want to take the time to sign in with my Twitter account, I’d vote ‘Not Interested’ on the new Twilight movie. However, I have seen it (date night with my wife). I’ve said too much. I better go try to reclaim what masculinity I lost in this last review of Twitter Apps!

Josh and I really hope that you’ve enjoyed 100+ Twitter applications! Keep an eye out, because it’s the first of Level343’s “Bookmark Specials”. As the year moves on, you’ll still get great information on SEO, social media and business marketing, but we’ll also be adding posts with tons of helpful links. If there’s something you’d like information on, such as an updated list of article directories, dofollow blogs or free press release sites, let us know and we’ll try to oblige.

I would like to thank Joshua Titsworth (SEO Analyst at Vizion Interactive) for helping me muddle through these applications. You can follow him on Twitter since he is  an avid twitterer as well as blogger. He is passionate about all things Internet related and loves learning about new tools and methods. When missing online Josh can be found hunting shanked golf balls across public courses across Kansas and Arkansas.

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