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16 Content Personalization Statistics That May Shock You

Content personalization is a marketing strategy that utilizes findings from visitor data to produce relevant and useful content based on the interests of a specific audience. Content personalization takes into consideration every facet of content that marketers can place on a website. This includes text, video content, and infographics etc.

If your company has not focused on content personalization, then you may belong to a minority of marketers. There are a significant number of businesses and advertisers who are working to offer intimate content that users find relevant and sharable.

Here are a number of continent personalization statistics that we think are sure to grab your attention. These critical statistics cover emails, e-commerce, B2B and B2C, mobile personalization stats, and more. Consumers are more likely to engage with brands who can personalize the consumer’s experience.

1. People tend to open emails a 7% rate when marketers only personalize the subject line. The click through rate is roughly .4%.

2. When only the message within an email is personalized, the open rate spikes along with the click rate.

3. Greater than 90% of consumers surveyed are more likely to purchase from brands that provide personalized and relevant offers. These offers must also translate into personal experiences.

4. An alarming percentage of frequent shoppers, nearly 80%, claim to shop only with brands that offer a personalized experience.

5. Consumers pay attention to the opinions of others. Up to 40% of shoppers are more likely to consider making a purchase after viewing a recommendation of someone else who shares their brand.

6. More and more consumers believe that brands should do more to personalize their products and information.

7. While people do not necessarily like sharing personal data, close to 90% of people surveyed are willing to share behavior data about themselves if the brand shares a benefit the consumer values.

8. Amazon is such a force and presence that up to 50% of online shoppers will migrate to Amazon if a brand they shop for does not provide the experience they look for.

9. Close to 70% of millennials do not mind if retailers track their browsing efforts and online behaviors if retailers provide a favorable shopping experience. These same millennials also voice frustration when they receive emails and other communications that just seem to blast out information that lacks personalization. Up to 70% of consumers of every age feel irritated when they receive information that does not fee personal to them.

10. Some of the best-known brands in America have invested heavily into personalized content. Brands like Netflix, Wells Fargo, and Coca-Cola are just several examples. Smaller companies have jumped on the bandwagon.

11. Close to 80% of digital markets that work the retail market have invested in tools that allow them to personalize their content.

12. The travel and hospitality industry lead the way in providing the largest segmentation of personalized content. Marketers now tailor close to 65% of their communication to their audiences in these industries.

While marketers are making improvements in strategies to personalize content, many consumers still think that marketers are still missing the mark.

13. While close to 90% or more of marketers make an attempt to personalize content, more than half of marketers still do not feel they provide enough information for their audience.

14. Even though big data is here to stay, and growing, marketers still have not mastered how to use data to create and drive personalized content. There is still a lot or room for improvement.

15. Consumers that receive travel information and think they have received enough information only account for 50% of the travel market.

16. Close to 65% of consumers stop purchasing products from brands who fail to provide personalized information.

One of the best ways to ensure that your content marketing efforts hit the mark is to work with the professional digital marketers who understand today’s digital marketing like the back of their hand.

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