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There is nothing more disconcerting than uploading SEO content and thinking you know what you are doing and then realizing you don’t. Well writing SEO articles is one of those facts. The Internet has given many people the desire to become rich overnight. We join affiliate marketing sites we start our own blogs, we get into a PPC war we submit articles and then we wait. Needless to say time and thousands of dollars are being wasted on the above methods. The strategy I am outlining below is not free or fast but it’s great if you are a go getter and on a budget.

First let me tell you folks nothing is that easy. I can assure you I have been doing this for years, however I have been writing and submitting articles for clients and realized they knew something I didn’t. To think when I started doing this I was paid $5 on a 350-450 word content while they made $ and slowly crept up the Google ranks. Well this is when I said “Basta” that’s Italian for enough. I had given away many hours and days of good copy, good editorial content only to wonder what did they know that I didn’t? From great landing pages to product descriptions I was a writing fool. Yes, it was time well spent but I had to do this for myself and not just for clients.

Here is the process. You have to hire a few writers to write 5-6 articles a day. It would behoove you if you could get them to upload the articles or blogs for you once you trusted their competence in grammar anchored text and their choice of pictures used for the blog. Think about this for a minute. If you could get 5 people a day to write 5 articles each that would result in 25 articles in one day. You obviously need somewhat of a budget therefore, consider the most you would pay for 25 articles. Engage your writers and have them join in your conversation.

Better yet, take the time to interview some upcoming writers. Search the twitter feeds, look for great content. There are a lot of single mothers or graduate students looking to make some extra money. I can assure you a couple of hundred dollars a week will go a long way for these people. Just don’t make the mistakes I made. Don’t hire someone based on the price they give you. I am not sure what these writers do other than send you someone else’s work. One great place to check their content is to run it through Copyscape. I bought $20 worth of  “My cases” which basically gives you over 200 searches  on documents.

You see writers are loyal once you treat their ideas and input with respect and of course pay them a minimum of $25 for 300 words. Obviously since you are asking them to write 5 per day that adds up really fast. I would say conservatively you are looking for a budget of at least $2000 to $4500. Granted that seems like a lot to spend but imagine all the places you could upload these articles. From guest posts, to newsletters, to your blog, Ezine articles and so much more. The beauty is the content is all original and yours to do what you want with. Do I need to break this down to you in ROI? Suffice it to say we have gotten a lot of our clients through article referrals and our blogs.

Please people keep in mind they have to be rich in content and keywords. They cannot just have keywords stuffed in the copy or just in the meta tags. Okay I know I sound like I am harping but this didn’t seem to go in my head for a few days. Then I was walking my dog Lucy and I realized if I had all the writers my clients had and I was able to upload all 25 articles per week or month to 25 different article submission places then Taraaaaa you would have seeded your work around the Internet without the fear of duplicate copies or plagiarism. There is a lot of raw talent out there if you want to train them then you could really get some great content out there.

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Building your SEO content