Facebook and Implications to Society

//Facebook and Implications to Society

Facebook Friendly MarketingAccording to SEO specialists, Facebook has more than 20 million members registered generating 1.5 billion page views every day. This site tightly integrates the daily media patterns of its users. Generally, users on an average spend about 15 minutes everyday on this site and three fourths of users make use of Facebook at least once a day.

Taking advantage of its accomplishment among college students, Facebook established a high school edition in early September 2005. In 2006, the corporation created communities for business organizations and since then, almost 22,300 corporations had Facebook directories.

In 2006, about 2500 United Stated colleges made use of Facebook, which became the seventh most well liked site on the Internet relating to total page views. The only requirement for joining Facebook is a legitimate e-mail address.

To connect with coworkers or classmates, people can use their work or school e-mail address to register. Once a person registers, the next step is to join a regional network to interact with people in surrounding areas.

In Facebook, people can see profiles of only those people in their network and confirmed friends. Privacy settings are present, which control who can see what.

Implications to Society:

According to professional SEO writers and professional SEO services, the comparatively open nature of information provided by Facebook participants and the lack of confidentiality controls enacted, users are putting themselves at threat of both online (identity theft) and off-line (stalking).

Facebook enables individuals to articulate their social networks, present themselves, and view each other’s profiles, gather friends who can send messages on pages and maintain or establish connections with others. This site is oriented towards romantic relationship initiation, work related contexts, college student population and linking those with common interests such as politics or music.

Participants can use Facebook to communicate with people they know off-line or to meet new people. It is also possible for Facebook members to join virtual groups depending on shared interests, learn each other’s interests, hobbies, romantic relationship status and musical tastes by browsing through different profiles and see what courses they have in common.

Facebook is a valuable site for SEO consultants and SEO service providers concerned with affordances of social networks because of its technological capacities and heavy usage patterns, which bridge off-line and online connections.

Facebook represents an alternate online to off-line trend wherein it mainly serves as a geographically bound community. According to professional SEO consultants, the original manifestation of Facebook information technology enhances a place-based community and results in the production of social capital.

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