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Clicks Landing pages are the pages your customers will arrive at when they select links that offer clicks to your website. The customers who do this are coming to your website because they’re interested in what you’re offering in a particular advertisement.  Once your customer clicks to your website’s landing page, you want them to stay and actually perform a task, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing an item, participate in a survey and so on.  This is called ‘conversion’; when a customer clicks to your website, you want to ‘convert’ their interest into something profitable for yourself.

You need to design your landing page in a way that the potential customer who click to your website remains attracted to your offer.  To do this you need to define the conversion and then design the landing page around that conversion.

Don’t use generic pages or pages that are on a broad topic.  Keep the page focused, with few distractions from the main reason the customer is there.  Match a piece of the landing page – a banner for instance – with the advertisement that the customer clicked to reach your website in the first place, so they know they’re in the right place. Unless the navigation bar is needed in order to complete your customer’s conversion, design your landing page without it.  Also, convey the most important information at the top of the screen, before it scrolls.

Always make sure that a customer who clicks to your website landing page can see the conversion elements immediately upon arriving on your landing page, and don’t clutter the screen with unreadable text.  Keep all of your forms optimized, simple, and straightforward.

When you get ready to test the landing page a customer who clicks to your website sees, ask a small group of people to go over it with you as a test to make sure the elements are in the right place.  Following that test, send the link the customers will use to reach your website to another small focal group.  When you feel your landing page is ready, launch it and your advertisement and watch the conversions happen.

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