The Importance of SEO

//The Importance of SEO
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Google Guidelines

In the world of the Internet, you’ll find people who seriously overstate and seriously understate the importance of good SEO work.  Professional SEO consultants will try to convince you that you’ll die an ugly Internet death without their services, while search engine administrators will try and say that SEO is worthless, evil, and will get you condemned to the nether regions of anonymity.  It’s important to understand the motivations behind statements like these.  Most professional SEO specialists, of course, want you to buy their services.  On the other hand, search engine administrators are constantly trying to fight SEO meant to trick engines into providing worthless content.

SEO is important in its proper context and place.  The real purpose of SEO should be to ensure that technical issues aren’t getting in the way of a great website.  It’s a pity that the search engines haven’t come up with an artificial intelligence capable of reading and rating your page just the way a human would, but until that day solid SEO practices and stellar content will go hand in hand.

Many SEO specialists will scramble to redo their SEO every time search engine standards change.  They’ll also charge their clients for such services.  Solid SEO practices, on the other hand, don’t need to be redone every few months.  These practices are also pretty basic, only require a little technical knowledge, and generally don’t cost a fortune.  The importance of these basic SEO practices cannot be overstated enough for the Internet entrepreneur. The complicated schemes to trick search engines, on the other hand, will inevitably go the way of the dodo bird.

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