Social Media Marketing: Four Reasons to Join the Revolution

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social_mediaWith television commercials validating the importance of online social media portals like Twitter and Facebook, the battle for domination in the social media marketing arena is leaving many feeling confused and dazed.  After all, as the language of the Tweet-osphere cuts communications to 140 characters or less, it also add a unique brand of instant marketing spoken only by the Tweeple of Twitter.

Realistically, there are as many reasons to invest in a good social media marketing campaign as there is website, but the top five reasons that you should be joining the social marketing and networking revolution include:

  • Increased SEO and Rankings—Participating in online marketing efforts like Twitter, Digg, and Facebook add dimensions to your effort.  Moreover, when others in your online communities link to your posts or your blog content is Tweeted by members of your social media groups, you ranking increase with every single link.  Further, as search engines love new content, blogs are highly prized by search engines for fresh material.
  • Exposure Equals Traffic on Steroids—Marketing is all about going where the people meet to share information about your products or services.  In this case, more people meet online in social media groups each week than pass through the New York subway system.  Imagine gaining exposure to every one of those people.  With social media marketing, that goal is obtainable with less cost than a billboard or an advertisement.  At this point, an important side note is to make sure you measure social media time as part of your ROI cost because time still equals money…even on the internet!
  • Voice of the Customer Connection—Many business owners pass up the opportunity to find out what their customers (or potential customers) think about their products.  Through contests or online surveys, you can poll your market audience on subjects including pricing, features, or benefits of your products.
  • Fluid Flexibility of Marketing Message—In traditional marketing, the expenditure of A/B Split testing is enough to stop most businesses from deploying several marketing efforts to see which one works best.   In fact, social media marketing is the best place to do A/B Split testing because your marketing message can be quickly changed to meet the reaction of your audience.  One of my favorite case studies about A/B testing is Geiko, from the Gecko to the Caveman to the stack on bills with all seeing eyes; Geiko is testing three different marketing campaigns for audience response.

It is easy to stand back and wait for the electronic dust to clear instead of stepping into the social media  fight; however, denying the existence and usefulness of social media marketing will put you in the same category as the person who thought the internet was just a “passing fade!”  With a minimal investment of time and attention to the creation of a good social marketing plan, you can boost your exposure, gain potential customers, and instill an efficiency in your marketing efforts that traditional marketing  cannot meet.

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