5 Tips to Figuring SEO Into Your Business Management Time

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Buried under SEO

You’re buried under paperwork, you barely have time for a snack lunch if that, and some salesperson comes along with a smile on their face to say, “You know you need SEO to make it in the online world, right?” They then add, “Since SEO is a long-term endeavor and takes a lot of time, your best bet is to hire someone.” Wow – what a sales gimmick.

Well, if you’ve been reading the Article Archive, you already know it’s not a gimmick. That salesperson is telling the truth. However, what they don’t tell you is that you can do your own SEO, in your own time, without sacrificing your business.

Let me shine a little light on small SEO companies like Level 343. Like many small companies, we only have a few employees. We’re busy, everybody has a job or three to do, and lunch breaks are short if not skipped all together. Does this sound familiar? Well, like many SEO companies, we also keep our optimization in house. How, if everybody is busy with client work?

Tip #1: Remember that SEO is a continual endeavor.

I don’t want to use the word “long-term”, because that implies there’s an end in sight. There isn’t; it’s a continual process. By remembering this tip, you feel less pressure to “reach the finish line”. There is no finish line, which brings me to tip number two.

Tip #2: SEO campaigns consist of steps; take one step at a time.

Many doing their own optimization try to do everything at once. They write content, build links, build their social networks, research keywords and everything else without really thinking about any one part of the campaign. What they end up with is a mess – an SEO campaign that really isn’t thought out and rushed implementation.

As a busy company owner, you’d have to take time out of your business hours to do it all. Not only does your SEO campaign suffer, but your business suffers as well. Optimization is supposed to help your business succeed, not drag it down. Follow your campaign steps one at a time; it’ll take longer to see results, but it’s healthier for your business.

Tip #3: Delegate your SEO where you can.

For instance, if you have someone in the company that’s better than others are at writing, let them do the content creation. If someone’s quicker at coding, let him or her do the onsite optimization. You shouldn’t be trying to do it all yourself if you can help it, which brings us to tip number four.

Tip #4: Use SEO consultants and content editors if possible.

As a rule, SEO consultants are less costly than having an agency do the whole campaign. Likewise, it usually costs less to hire a content editor than it does to hire someone to write an entire piece of copy. In this way, you make sure that your efforts aren’t wasted, you have “cost compromise”, and the SEO consultants keep your campaign on track.

Tip #5: Make your company your client.

This is the hard part, but a necessary part of doing your own SEO. You have to set some time aside, and the easiest way to do this is by adding your own company to your client list. How ever much time you can reasonably dedicate to your campaign, do so.

Maybe you’ll have to work an extra hour a day, set aside for the company, or maybe you’ll have to make up the work on your day off. However, this is one tip you can’t compromise on. Whatever time you set, use it on your company! Otherwise, you’ll never quite get the onsite optimization done that you planned, you’ll never quite get the content written, or… you get the idea.

Whether you create your own SEO campaign or have an agency build you one, you’ll have a set goal: a six-month campaign, for instance. However, as we tell our clients with our DIY SEO Campaign: take one step at a time and only do what you can reasonably afford to do without compromising your business. If your six-month campaign takes eight months, don’t worry – you’ll still reap the harvest of benefits.

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