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Update: Our Top SEO Women badges for 2010 and 2011 are finally out! As well, we’re accepting nominations for the 2012 year, so be sure to nominate your favorite.

Top SEO Women 20112011 is here, and I know many of you have been trying to get your budgets, online presence and campaigns off the ground. I’d love to tell you it’s easy, but I’d be lying to you. Rather than pour a whole bunch of information out today, I decided I’d add to our list of Top SEO Women instead.
Articles throughout 2010 have been written about women and how they contribute to our community. Our post on Top SEO Women for 2010, for example, got a lot of hits and is still being linked to today.

As you peruse this list, I encourage you to take the time and search these women out. Connect with them. Not only are they beautiful people, but they are also movers, shakers and just plain intelligent.

One of the best articles out there that has touched on women online is Kikolni’s (aka Kristi Hines) Kikolani125 Fearless Women Bloggers. Within this list are entrepreneurs, experts, CEOs and published authors, among others. It’s an article well worth reading.

Another place to find a list of fantastic women bloggers is the SOB A-Z Directory. For years, Liz Strauss has had awards for Successful Outstanding Blogger (SOB), and handed them out to many men and women.

Although these two places have excellent links to inspirational writers, I’d like to focus on women just in the SEO community. I hope that we can continue to add some amazing women in our industry – women you can come to know and respect.

Who Are They?

Lyena Solomon Also known as @lyena on Twitter, she’s a wonderful woman I’ve personally met. I was blown away by how such a petite woman had so much dynamite information, especially when it comes to Google Analytics and PPC. She is also bilingual, with a strong command of Russian and English – she speaks both fluently I might add.



Kim Krause Berg Also known as @kim_cre8pc on Twitter, you’ll find Kim’s footprints in several blogs, forums and social feed. Organic SEO, information architecture, usability, search engine marketing practices – the woman knows more about search and usability than one person has any right to remember.



Melissa Fach Also known as @SEOAware on Twitter, Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. I’ve been following her wonderful, information Twitter feed regarding SEO. She has a no nonsense approach and is always there for a good laugh or an even greater link.



Michèle Ménard Also known as @michele_menard on Twitter, I’ve noticed she’s one of the few women in Italy keeping up with what’s going on in search. She’s a bilingual Italian/French online communications specialist, as well as a Web 2.0, SEO & social media expert.



Nichola Stott Also known as @NicholaStott on Twitter, this young woman was introduced to me in the SEO Dojo, a place where the real SEO’s hang out. Making her global mark in SEO and social media as the owner of The Media Flow, she’s also a speaker/blogger for State of Search, Search Engine Watch and SEO Chicks.



Jill Whalen Also known as @jillwhalen on Twitter. I’ve been reading her posts everywhere, and as one of our comments on the last post stated, we didn’t include her. We’re amending the oversight this year. Jill has been in search since search engine optimization began in the early 1990s. She’s CEO of High Rankings, the company she founded in 1995.



Rebekah May Rebekah is a fellow SEO warrior from the SEO Dojo and is also known as @rebekah_am. She’s an entrepreneur, SEO and marketing consultant. As well, she founded Whole-SEO, which helps small businesses leverage the power of the Internet to increase their exposure.



Debra Mastaler Debra is a regular on the Dojo and goes by @debramastaler on Twitter. She’s one of those people I like to think of as the backbone of all SEO efforts. She’s known as the link-building powerhouse. Debra creates strategies and tactics focused on increasing link popularity and brand exposure through creative link marketing.


The list from 2010 and today are just a few of the women out there in the world of search. Many work behind the scenes and aren’t known online. You may know someone like this, working next to you every day – the unsung feminine heroine who always gets the job done on time, without fail: the intelligent woman whose brain you pick whenever you have a question about search.

If you do, we’d like to hear about her. If you know someone we haven’t mentioned, tell us whom you think should be added to the list! I look forward to hearing from all of you and again, thanks for all your input.

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