Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts: A Video Blog

//Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts: A Video Blog

No Cookie CutterYes, a video blog, and about one of my favorite subjects, too: monitoring your social media efforts. Creating videos is a new endeavor for us, but we did our best.

Why a video?

In the past, we’ve often recommended videos as a method of content development. “Universal search,” we’ve said, “isn’t something you can ignore.” If you have the resources to reach vertical searches like images and videos, why… Well, our philosophy isn’t “less is more”; our philosophy is “more is more”.

Our philosophy has also always been to practice what you preach. How else can we really know what we’re talking about? How else can we know the time and energy that goes into creating every bit of a content-centric campaign?

To that end, welcome to our first video blog!

And why about social media monitoring, of all things?

By now, you probably know I’m a huge advocate for social media in all forms. Communication is the new currency, in all its shapes and sizes.

Well, here at Level343, we’ve been throwing around the idea for a video for a while now. So, when I received a question about how I manage to keep all the social aspects of our business going, it sounded like a good jumping off point.

Monitoring Your Daily Social Media Efforts is our answer to the question. We hope you enjoy the video and please, feel free to add your comments, questions and pointers in the comments below. Your next question may very well be answered in our next video!

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