5 Reasons Why Guest Posting is Essential for a Blogger’s Success

//5 Reasons Why Guest Posting is Essential for a Blogger’s Success

Let The Fun Begin

Blogging is fun, but it’s also hard work. A lot of things need to be considered if you want to be successful. For someone who is new to blogging or wants to start their own blog, the initial concerns include:

  • the design,
  • what platform to use,
  • which social plug-ins to utilize,
  • what type of content to write and
  • the voice to use.

Now all you have to do is start writing and the readers will come, right? Well, not quite. Once your blog site is set up and the first article is written, most bloggers experience  the frustration of not getting traffic to their site. It’s understandable; you’re putting a lot of hard work into your writing. Of course you want people to read and engage with your content.

Guest Blogging Is a 30% Time Investment

However, getting traffic takes a lot of time and even more work. One thing we always recommend new bloggers do is start off by writing guest posts. Here are five reasons why you should invest 30 percent of your time doing so:

Make Your Decisions Wisely

1.  Valuable exposure

For new bloggers, guest posting is similar to getting free promotion, especially if you are given the chance to write articles for well established websites. Personal promotion is expensive and time consuming. Some bloggers make the mistake of spamming people with their content and, instead of gaining loyal readers, they are blocked or create a negative first impression.

TIP: Always make sure the content you write is a good fit for the site you’ll be writing for.

2.  Quality traffic to your site

If you provide good information and write good content, most readers from the site you write for will be curious to read more about what you write. Most sites will allow guest bloggers to include a bio with links to their personal sites.

TIP: Write a compelling bio to include information where people can find you.

3.  Develop relationships with other bloggers

The biggest reward any blogger can get from guest posting is the opportunity to develop relationships with other bloggers, widen their personal networks and learn insider tips. If your work is truly exceptional, you may even gain valuable recommendations from well-established authors.

TIP:  Reciprocity is important.  Give and you will receive.

4.  Wider audience reach

Writing for well-established sites is important because they already have a substantial following, allowing you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a wider audience. While you can write for bigger sites or sites that are more niched, we recommend that you take a balanced approach and write for both. This will allow you to sample both types of writing. After month or so, check which is more effective for you.

TIP: Research is key, check which type of site will benefit you in the long run.

5.  Opportunity to share your passion

If you love writing and want to share different types of information, guest posting is a great way to share your passion. Sometimes as a blogger you’ll want to write about topics that are very different from what you publish on your personal or business site. Guest blogging will allow you to extend your thought leadership to other topics.

TIP: Practice makes perfect. Write and write often to perfect your craft.

Is Guest Posting the Right Strategy?

Blow Your Mind

The biggest question to ask yourself is if guest posting is the right strategy for you. The answer is “yes” if you want to be a successful blogger. Guest posting will mean a lot of hard work for you, but it will be very rewarding in the long run. Never use short cuts. If we have convinced you to try out guest posting, your next question will be: How do I start?

If you read a lot of blogs, which you already should be doing, you can contact the owners of the sites you feel will be relevant fit for what you write about. Another method is to do a Google Blog search link http://www.google.com/blogsearch. This will allow you to see which blogs allow and welcome guest postings. Most importantly, write awesome content and articles that are useful and worth sharing.

Did we miss anything? Are there other good reasons for guest posting? Please share them with us. We love hearing from our readers.

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