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new-ideasFor small to large companies that want to get their online business out there, whether in Social networks, link building, content development, etc., there’s not one cookie cutter solution. There’s no silver bullet or magic formula. As I’ve mentioned in the past, it takes time, commitment and a lot of work.

In our first video “International Consultants talking on Google +” we discussed dialects, spelling across languages, including the English language  having a variety of spelling. Considering these factors, it’s no wonder getting your site to be globally sound is not an easy task. This second half of the video, we delve more into International marketing and how to pay attention to various cultures and reach. From gender roles to economic status, you have to be sensitive to the language, not just gender specific but culturally sensitive.

With that said, keep in mind what we’ve been saying for years: “Google isn’t the one buying from you, your users are”. Therefore, being relevant in a specific niche or market is not just about machine driven content, but about your user responses and their reaction to that content.

In closing we mentioned the US being the number one nation of online buyers. Therefore, I wanted to share this post with you including some of the statistics: Ecommerce Sales Topped $1 Trillion for First Time in 2012 

“The US will remain the single country with the largest share of worldwide B2C ecommerce spending, at 29.6% in 2013—down from 31.5% in 2012 despite relatively strong growth. This will continue throughout the forecast period, though China is closing the gap fast. In 2016, China will have 22.6% of the worldwide market, vs. 26.5% in the US.”

Without further ado, please sit back and enjoy our discussion.


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