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Facebook Friendly MarketingWhether a personal brand or a large business, you surely know that Facebook marketing isn’t the be-all, end-all of your marketing. Sure, promoting your brand with Facebook is a great way to accomplish big steps in business. You can develop much more of a base, spread the word, run PR, attract new customers, run promotions and ultimately get your brand’s image across. But when it comes to selling the actual goods, Facebook is just at the wide end of the funnel. Your main website still needs traffic.

Using social networking, particularly Facebook, is a great way to bring more traffic to your site. In the tips below, you can read about five ways to use Facebook to drive traffic to your site, some of which are fairly easy and some of which will require a little spending and tweaking along the way.

 5 Traffic-Driving Tips for Your Networking 

1: Showcase Your Website on Your Facebook Page 

Whether you’re using your brand page’s image, custom tabs, or listing information in the “About” section of your page, you should showcase your actual website on your Facebook brand page. Just as you would put social media buttons on other sites to hopefully drive traffic, you want to do the same with Facebook and your main website. While it sounds easy enough, you can’t exactly spam your web address across the page as a header. Be subtle, yet direct with it. Make sure various elements link back to your site.

2: Be Creative with Your Content

Content you post should focus intensely on quality, pertinence and favor amongst those targeted. You want the content you post to be creative, and this may call for creating funny memes, informative infographics, posting video clips, etc. You want your content to be Liked, Shared and engaged with. There’s always room within a post to link back to your site in some fashion. Even inside of a quick meme you’re throwing out there to get a chuckle, you can send folks back to your main site.

3: Add Some Incentive

Creating some type of contest or promotion is always a great way to drive traffic back to your site. For example, if you were to offer a BOGO coupon, 50% off, a first-time sign-up bonus, etc, you could insert the stipulation that a person had to take a certain action on your site in order to qualify. So, by using a Facebook promotion, you not only brought people over to your site, but you had them engage with it.

Where's Your Traffic?

Where’s Your Traffic?

4: Create a Domain Sponsored Story

A Sponsored Story on Facebook is basically an ad that promotes an action taken by Facebook users. A Domain Sponsored Story will have the same effect, only your domain address will be listed inside of the ad. So when the ad shows “John Liked so-and-so,” your domain address will be visible within the ad. This is a great way to be seen by more people and to drive traffic to your site.

5: Promote Your Post

When you’re attempting to increase traffic via Facebook, a Promoted Post can always come in handy. Let’s say that you’ve followed the previous tip on the list and have a popular post out there that’s driving traffic back to your site. By using a third-party app to maintain control over the targeting of this post, you can promote it and increase the reach exponentially. This can turn an already good thing into a great thing.

The tips listed above show you a few ways to promote your main website by using Facebook. Don’t just settle for one or two. Try everything you’ve read here, and anything else you run across in order to use Facebook to drive traffic.

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