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Social media is one of the most effective tools for business growth and sales promotion. But like all other communication channels, there are certain dos and don’ts involved with social media, in particular: Facebook. Just as a shy and timid salesman is unlikely to make sales and gather leads, an unimpressive Facebook page isn’t going to attract online customers to your products/services.

So how can your business succeed with Facebook? How can you use this social network as an effective sales promotion and leads gaining tool? Here are a few simple suggestions that’ll help.

Use Images and Videos

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a minute and think. What are you more likely to respond to?

  • A facebook page with a 5 page article on how to fix your motorbike (YAWN!); or
  • Another one with a simple demo video on how to fix your motorbike?

These are the reasons why a financial consultancy firm does not appeal as much to the public as a retail store or a fast food outlet! Your customers are more likely to sit back and watch videos and look at pictures and memes rather than read information.

Uploading more and more pictures and videos, related to your business, can therefore help you gain their interest and turn visitors to customers in a jiffy.

Provide a Punch/Tag Line

Providing them with visual aid is effective. However, it may not lead to any sales. Link your videos and images to a strong call for action that offers more customer benefits, to lure more customers in. For example, “To learn more on how to reduce your mileage, feel free to contact us!” Makes a good tag line.

1st Impression

Engage Your Readers

Tell them how your product is better. Ask them how they feel about your services. Conduct questionnaires to understand their psyche better. Offer massive discounts on your facebook page.

Keep a tap on your viewers. Consider the gender, age and other demographics of the people who view your page. See what they like the most: pictures, videos, or text. It will help you adjust your strategies according to your target market. You can also conduct polls and surveys to seek their feedback. Consider offering them certain prizes (through lucky draws) if they respond to your surveys.

Run a Promotion Scheme or a Contest

Another important step in engaging your customers, on an individual level, is by offering them promotion schemes. Use your Facebook page to create, say, a photo contest, where individuals are required to post their best photos on your page and the one receiving the highest number of “likes” will win an amazing prize!

As your existing page members will put forward their best selfies and compete for the winning prize, more and more visitors and (potential) customers will visit your page.

Use Double Opt-in

If your customers are impressed by your Facebook page and decide to opt-in for your sales promotion schemes and materials, make sure to double-check their subscription request. Here’s where the use of software such as Mail Chimp can be considered.

To learn more on how to perform double checks, please click here.

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