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Geo Target

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Posted by: Gabriella Sannino

People’s search trends are changing; the use of long-tailed semantic keywords during their search queries is more common when looking for relevant search results.

For instance, when a person searches for “SEO services in San Francisco” or “the best grill on Castro Street”, they are looking for businesses that are located in the nearest possible proximity. As Google (and other search engines) adapts to these customer needs, the need for localizing your business becomes inherently important for your business’ success.

What Do You Mean By Localizing Your Business?

In simple terms, it compels you to identify your business address, taking care to reveal your neighborhood as well as the city where you are located. People (and Google Maps for that matter) are becoming more precise and accurate about search results – especially when it comes to the location. Keep in mind local is all about geographic location, it’s where your clients are. They can be in Italy or Russia.

Given the ease of access on smartphones and tablets, people now use search engines while on the move. On top of this, in order to get the best search results, they’re more inclined to use the name of the neighborhood instead of the city. So if your business website declares presence in “San Francisco” but makes no reference to “Castro Street” or other similar landmarks, it’ll end up losing customers searching for your services using long tailed keywords. Now, regardless of your business motive, this surely isn’t what you want!

Geo Target

What You Should Do? 

Localizing your business does not require rocket science. For all it’s worth, it is quite similar to search engine optimization that used frequently searched keywords. But instead of focusing on keywords like “SEO services” or “the best grill”, you’ll be required to work with long tailed keywords declaring the locality/neighborhood where your business is situated.

Here are a few pointers which will come in handy while you are trying to work with this SEO tactic.

  1. Add the name of your neighborhood at the end of your business name as listed on Google’s My Business Page.
  2. Add it to the description you provide for Google’s My Business page.
  3. Make sure you mention it on your personal website as well. Use a catchy phrase or simply put the name of the neighborhood beside the business name (as in point number one) – any way that makes it possible to identify the precise location of your business.
  4. Add it to title tags, hash tags, and other optimization tools that you use on your website.
  5. Use it with your content marketing and social media campaigns as well. This will contribute towards organic traffic generation as well.
  6. Identify it on maps (like Google Maps and others), and make sure your neighborhood is defined properly. If not, send in a request to rectify this error.
  7. Do you have multiple social media profiles that mention your business – like a business profile, employee profiles and customer profiles? Add the name of the neighborhood to each profile. This will further your localization effort, making sure your business is discoverable when your potential customers are searching for you!

In conclusion, localizing your business is all about helping your customers find you. If they’re searching for plumbing services in Noe Valley, make sure that search term can be found on your site.

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Localizing Your Business | Helping Your Customers Find You!