WordPress.com vs WordPress.org - What's the Difference?

Today, we’re going to answer an “age-old” question: WordPress Dot Com Vs WordPress Dot Org – What’s the difference? We’re talking comprehensive information here. And pictures. And comprehensive information in pictures.

WordPress is one of the top platforms used today. It’s so popular, that many business owners and casual bloggers alike are switching from “average” HTML sites to the WordPress content management system (CMS). In fact, WP as a whole runs 25% of the sites that are on a known CMS.

But there are two versions

there’s a big difference between the two. How do you know which one you need?

The team at Level343 got together, pulled in creative talent, and built this in depth infographic for easier absorption. Because…


Licensing Information and small print:
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What's the difference between wordpress dot com and wordpress dot org - Infographic by Level343