5 Real World Examples of Influencer Marketing and Why They Work

//5 Real World Examples of Influencer Marketing and Why They Work


In a previous article, we discussed the importance of influencer marketing and how you can implement it into your business strategy so you can reach a much larger audience. But guides alone are not always effective when it comes to teaching people how to improve and grow their business. Today, we’re going to take a look at five real-world examples of marketers who have leveraged influencers in their field to spread their message.

When you want to learn a new skill, it’s helpful to take a look at those who have walked in your shoes and found success. Carefully review each of these examples and find ways to relate them to your business.

Hawaiian Tourism Authority

The Hawaiian Tourism Authority is the first company that we are going to take a look at to showcase the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Their goal is to encourage travelers and vacationers to visit the islands by inspiring a sense of adventure and excitement.

They started working with some of the top Instagram travelers and asked them to post their best Hawaiian pictures on their accounts, and they massively increased their exposure as a result.

Boxed Water

Boxed Water

Boxed water is a company that promotes helping the environment. Rather than using plastic bottles, they sell water in paper boxes, which is a renewable resource. To reach a larger audience, they started a campaign in which they offered to plant two trees for each photo that used the hashtag #Retree.


Madewell is a company that produces high-quality products in the fashion industry. They have started networking with some of the top Instagram users in their market to celebrate the anniversary of their most popular tote. Although they only worked with five influencers, they were able to reach over 1 million people.


Chanel produces high-end perfumes and is known for their quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. Not only did they ask influencers to share images of their products, but they also invited them to tour their factory and flower fields, which are located in France. In addition to increasing their exposure, they were also able to improve brand awareness.


Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington produces and promotes Swedish watches, and when attracting influencers, the watchmaker offered an exclusive discount to their followers. The influencers then posted pictures of themselves wearing the watches while engaged in normal activities and included the discount code.

Final Thoughts

Those five marketers provide great examples when it comes to harnessing the power of influencer marketing to improve your profitability and your reach. Most of the successful businesses promoted adventure, offered discounts or did giveaways. If you only learn one thing from these examples, focus on the most common theme: providing value.

If you start an influencer marketing plan with the goal of taking value from others, you are not likely to reach the outcome you had in mind. Rather than trying to get something, approach the situation by looking for ways to offer value to the influencers and their audiences. If you consistently focus on helping others and promoting collaboration, then your campaign will likely be an overwhelming success.

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