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3 SEO Hacks to Get More Authoritative Links

Today Cameron discusses how the following SEO hacks will help you get more authoritative links that can help improve the effectiveness and profitability of your site

Search engines give value to outbound links from authoritative websites. When a site considered authoritative by search engines links to yours, it enhances the authority of your site and boosts its visibility in search engine results. As you plan your strategy for building authoritative links, expect a challenging experience. You will at first experience resistance as you begin executing your plan, but a patient effort will ultimately bring impressive results.

Some of the most authoritative sites include those operated by government entities, educational institutions, and news companies. Links from such sites increase the authority of your website, giving you needed credibility in the eyes of your market and the search engines. Unfortunately, attracting links from such sites seems increasingly difficult. The following SEO hacks will help you get more authoritative links that can help improve the effectiveness and profitability of your site.

Follow Up on Brand Mentions

When a website names your brand, you can ask the site owner to create a link from your brand’s name on their page to your site. Begin using this tactic by identifying web pages that refer to your brand. You can do this by performing advanced search engine queries that exclude your website from search results.

After identifying mentions of your brand, find out how to contact an appropriate person to ask them to create the link. In some cases, you can offer to create a reciprocal link as an incentive. Of course, the reciprocal link offer will only work if the hosting website owner thinks your site has enough authority to make it desirable. As you build awareness of your brand in your target market, more sites will mention your name, intensifying the benefits of your brand-mention follow-up strategy.


Broken Link Building

Broken links hurt the search engine rank of a page because they indicate a lack of active maintenance and a degraded user experience. When you engage in a broken-link building strategy, you look for broken links on authoritative sites, recreate the missing content, and pitch your content as a perfect solution to the broken link problem. The success of this tactic depends on you having the capability of creating high-quality content to which the authoritative site will have confidence linking.

Finding broken links on sites that can benefit you might take considerable effort. Tools available online can speed the process, however, making it a practical endeavor. An active campaign that capitalizes on finding broken links on other sites should focus on relevant links to your site coming from websites that have substantial authority in the eyes of search engines.

Blend PR and Influencer Marketing

Several months before your company has a significant event or product launch, get word of it out by contacting the editors of publications relevant to your product and industry who can include news about your firm in their publications. Use social media to start communicating with such influencers. As you become acquainted with the influencers, you can reach out to them via email. Rather than overtly asking them for a link, begin by expressing your desire for a relationship that benefits both of you.

Blue Coat provided an excellent demonstration of how blending PR and Influencer Marketing works. The firm used the tactic and got a good write-up in PC World magazine. After getting such a prominent link, the company can expect to have an easier time attracting additional authoritative links.

Sometimes building a good relationship with influencers in your industry can take time, but your effort will pay off with every authoritative link you earn. As you accumulate high-quality incoming links to your site, your site will increase in value in the eyes of search engines and your market. In turn, this can increase the attractiveness of your site until you become recognized as one of the leading influencers in your field.

Gaining authoritative links for your website takes some diligence, patience, and creativity. The benefit you gain from the strategy can help your site rise in search engine results pages, and send unprecedented levels of traffic to your site. The leads, prospects, and customers you gain from your effort will ultimately generate revenue. Use the three SEO hacks listed above to begin attracting the authoritative links you need to make your website a success.

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  1. Hi Cameron,
    Last month I didi some Broken Link Buildings on Wikipedia and those links do boost my site but it requires time to find broken links

  2. Hi Cameron , Awsome content!

    I’m very interested in your idea of Broken Link Building i.e. building and recreating links through finding broken links. Thanks for sharing these actionable SEO tips.

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