4 Free and Paid Products That Can Help Boost Your SEO Efforts

Very seldom do we talk about the “extra” programs that can give your SEO a boost, preferring instead to talk about techniques. However, tons of “SEO boosters” have hit the market that makes search engine optimization a little bit easier and a little less time consuming. Let me strongly caution you, though; no program can really make the decisions for you. There has to be an active human ingredient – your mind – for key decision-making and ultimate SEO campaigns.

Having said that, here a just a few, both free and paid, to help you with your SEO efforts:

WordPress WordPress.org allows you to download the WordPress blogging platform onto your site. Now, WordPress itself has some pretty nifty SEO pluses, such as the ability to notify the search engines when you post a new page or blog. However, where it really comes in handy is with plugins. A simple plugin (a bit of code inserted into your site) can turn the site into a hefty SEO and/or eCommerce machine. Even without the SEO component, though, it’s worth checking out as an easy way to build and keep track of your site content.
Cost: free

WebCEO Web CEO offers a huge SEO package, but is especially strong when creating your baseline metrics and keeping track of your efforts. The baseline metrics is where your site is now, in terms of keyword ranking, linking building and competition. This information is vital to have at the beginning of any SEO campaign, so you know which efforts work and which don’t. With the click of a button, you can easily look at keywords and relevant suggestions, how well your link campaign is working, find link partners, check your rankings and more.
Cost: free to $389.00 and $45.00 every three months for updates.

Master Site Manager– Although we haven’t tried the service, we’ve heard some good things about Master Site Manager. A few of the more interesting tools included in the Master Site Manager suite is the NoFollow Finder. As you may already know, nofollow sites, while they may bring traffic, won’t bring ranking. Another interesting tool is being able to keep track of your keyword trending and search engine backlinks – all bonuses that make this service a definite “maybe” on the list of SEO tools we might add to our box.
Cost: $1 to try for 30 days, up to $97.00 per month.

Raven Tools Now, we’ve heard good things about Raven Tools as well, and, like Master Site Manager, it has some definite pluses that make us wonder if it should join our toolbox. For instance, Raven Tools integrates with Google Analytics, which brings this information to your fingertips rather than having to dig through countless accounts (a common issue when you have multiple clients). As well, it has a design analyzer, gives the ability to post blogs to WordPress from the Raven platform, and tons more tools.
Cost: Free to try for 30 days, $19.00 to $249.00 per month.

Now, as pointed out, there are tons of other SEO software formats out there. We’re not recommending one or the other. However, do yourself the favor of trying out those that give the free trials. You may find a program that exactly fits your time saving needs for SEO, giving your efforts the boost they need for powerful site presence and awesome ranking.

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    1. You’re most welcome, Alison. I love the Google Analytics integration, Website Directory and Personal Manager, among all the many tools Raven offers. I’m just trying to figure out if I have the time to learn another program. lol It definitely peaks my interest, though, and it’s on my short list of tools to try when I get a chance.

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