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5 Ways You Can Be Certain Your Content Hits the Mark

The sheer amount of content shared online is immeasurable. Consider the fact that more than 200 million emails launch each minute, countless videos upload, more than 200,000 photos share, and more than 2.5 million pieces of content loads on FB alone. There’s no sign of the volume slowing down. If anything, it will continue to increase.

Some marketers assume that increasing their volume of content is the solution to make a major impact. Others think there is only so far that a company can go in producing new content on a weekly basis. The right answer is quality content to begin with. Quality content is the only way to stand out in a competitive online market. Your content will have to stand head and shoulders over the competition.

Write Content That Hits the Bullseye

1. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar will always matter. Original work is important as well. Here’s the reality. The vast majority of ideas aren’t new. This means that anything on the Internet has already been examined or written an endless number of times. If you can’t come up with an absolutely original thought, it’s perfectly okay to give content your own unique spin. Surprisingly, up to 75% of people can spot small grammatical errors. Up to 60% of people say that a grammatical error can mean the difference between spending time on a website, making a purchase, or passing by a website.

Think about the following too. There are only so many music notes in a scale. The great musicians play the same available notes in a unique manner. It’s the same with content writers. You can write an unlimited number of articles with your own refreshed spin on any topic of your choosing.

2. Continue to write for both your audience and Google’s algorithm. SEO will always matter. There is an unlimited supply of free articles on the Web, so make sure you apply basic SEO to every article you choose to write. Basic SEO includes a meta description, optimized title, and ALT text for images. When they find content, it should be yours.

3. Know your demographic and produce the content tone that resonates with them. As you well know, not everyone wants to visit your website or buy its products or services. This is why it’s so important to know your audience and produce content that speaks to them. It makes no sense for your campaigns to draw audiences that have no intent of buying your services or products. Targeted content is what will attract targeted customers.

4. The power of a headline, correctively and effectively written, carries weight. Up to 80% of visitors will read headlines, but only 20% of those people will actually read the entire article to its end. Having said that, the entire reason for writing an effective headline is to get readers to consume the entire article.

5. Your content should also be something that inspires visitors to act. It should always deliver on any promises made in the title. If the headline is a statement, the content should back it up. If the headline is a question, the content should answer it. If the title suggests there will be actionable steps to follow, the content should spell out these steps.

Finally, images can help deliver a powerful message. Solid images can also help site owners improve their website’s design. The fact also remains that a significant percentage of people respond better to visual content. Why run the risk of losing these people with poor content?

Brand All Your Content with the Same Voice

It’s also important to write any and all content with the same brand voice. Your brand popularity is a glimpse into how people feel about your company as a whole. If your brand evokes a positive reaction, word will travel. If it evokes a negative reaction, word will travel even faster.

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