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Doc Sheldon began writing professionally in the 1970s, and shifted to marketing in the 1980s. He also owned and published both weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines during the ’80s & 90s, before beginning his SEO studies in 2003.

Doc was a business management consultant from the mid 1990s through 2008, when he retired. However, an unforgiving economy soon convinced him to go back into business for himself, this time, working full-time in content strategy and copywriting for online clients.

Having begun his SEO studies in 2003, Doc now specializes in technical SEO, particularly as it pertains to development of the Semantic Web, as well as trying to figure out what changes may be upcoming from the search engines.

He writes on a variety of topics for several technical blogs and online magazines. He also serves as moderator or administrator on a number of SEO-oriented forums, and manages several topical blogs of his own, attempting to eliminate misinformation and promote an optimal user experience.

In 2011, Doc and his partner founded Top Shelf Copy, expanding the content strategy services of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic to a full-service SEO offering. Top Shelf currently has a dozen niche-specialized writers serving clients on four continents.

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