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How to Appeal to Customers When Running a Business

With more and more businesses rising up through the market, making yours relevant can be a tricky task. But how your business looks shouldn’t be something you just gloss over – you want to be the top pick of your target audience to make sure your business doesn’t fall flat. Not sure how? Read on to find out!

Go Green

The environment is the point of hot debate in the news, and for good reason – the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution emitted means global warming is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Not only is opting for renewable energy sources helping you save money and time, but it appeals to members of the public.

As awareness for the environment rises, companies who don’t make changes to support the environment will fall, so taking steps now is a great selling point, and important to ensure you don’t end up at the bottom of the pile.

Add a “Meet the Team” Page to Your Website

Something which puts a lot of people off a company is if they feel it’s fake or disconnected. You want to make your business seem personal, warm, and friendly, so your customers can develop a relationship with your business, gain trust in your brand, and choose you over other similar brands, as well as be likely to return to you again in the future.

The simplest way to do this is to add a “Meet the Team” page onto your website – a few photos and some little quotes doesn’t take a lot of time to put together, but can be just what you need to add that human touch. Customers will be able to see exactly the kind of business they’re looking at, meaning you’re more transparent and open with them, and it can be the perfect opportunity to pull out those cheesy grins and have a little fun, too.

Start a Blog

If your business doesn’t have a blog, then why not? A blog is one of the most useful tools your website can have for many reasons. It’s brilliant for educating customers in solutions to frequently asked questions, which also saves you time in the customer service department, but also keeps your customers engaged. Having entertaining articles for your customers to read will keep customers coming back to your website, as well as building that relationship.

With some small changes, you can make sure you’re giving off the vibe you’re looking for.

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