How to become a better copywriter

How to Become a Better Copywriter

We are all aware that the world is shifting. We can say that we are on the verge of a new industrial revolution. You can find anything online, and with that, there is a growing need for copywriters.

We are all aware that the world is shifting. We can say that we are on the verge of a new industrial revolution. You can find anything online, and with that, there is a growing need for copywriters.

Copywriters are very important today since they are the ones who are creating marketing content on the internet. Whether you are new to this, or you have already been doing this for a long period of time, you can always improve and become a better copywriter. And you should always pay attention to new trends, applications, and updates in the marketing world.

Do you want to become a better copywriter?

That is something that you need to ask yourself. Are you ready to embrace a change? If you own your business, is your marketing doing okay? Is your brand well known? In order to become a better copywriter, you need to learn almost on a daily basis. You need to get to know new tools and always check how you optimized your content. We prepared some basic advice on how to become a better copywriter and we hope that it will help you.

1.   Do not oversell yourself

It is great that you are learning, developing new skills. But when you are trying to land a job, you should avoid pointing out that you are a guru in marketing, SEO optimization, writing, social media pro and the like. You should focus on pointing out your best characteristics and selling them to your potential employer. No one likes braggers, so you should just make sure that your CV looks good, and that you have marked all the best things you did.

2.  Get to know your customers

The first rule is – you need to learn about your customer. You need to find them online, and that is how you will get one important piece of information – how well they are positioned on Google. Although, you should always keep in mind that it is not the same when you are optimizing your content for domestic search and for international search. You can always learn more about how international search works if your customer wants to expand the business.

You need to place yourself in the shoes of your customer and their audience. You need to understand what the audience wants, what their fears and needs are. If you had a similar issue or you are thinking the same way as your audience – it will be fairly easy. But if you do not know the product and you can’t place yourself in their shoes – investigate. Search, try to get to know them. By doing this, you are taking the most important step to become a better copywriter.

3. Get to know your product

If you know your customer, you need to know very well what you are trying to sell. You need to familiarize yourself with the product. The most common mistake that copywriters make is that they create subheadings that are too long. That way, you have already lost a lot of audience. People today do not have too much time and they want fast and simple solutions. That is why you need to create a really short, attention-grabbing subheading.

If you are trying to improve your writing skills and your marketing skills, you need to understand why somebody needs your product. What problems is your product solving? Every company needs to have something that will attract customers and an offer that they can’t reject. And it is up to you to understand what it is and create a perfect blog, post or just a simple text ad that will attract the audience. And, as we mentioned earlier, you need to follow trends. You need to know what the trends in SEO optimization are at that moment.

4. Write attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings

As we mentioned, this is one of the most important skills you need to develop. It really doesn’t matter whether you are writing for ads, blogs or Facebook. Your headline should grab the attention of your reader and make him/her click on the link. Of course, the important part is the link itself. So, you should also learn and improve your link building skills. There are some rules of writing that you should always follow:

  1. Never plagiarize someone’s content. You need to be unique and you should build your own brand and unique signature.
  2. Your headline should always tell clearly what your audience will get in the content. Like, in this case, from our headline you can tell what you are going to read. Be specific!
  3. You need to learn about people’s fears. We all are afraid that we will miss out on something. So, you should play your card wisely and make the readers believe that they will lose a lot if they don’t read and use the product you are selling.

5. Make people buy the product you are selling

So, if you know your customer, your product, and you know that the most important thing is to create attention-grabbing headlines and subheadings – now you need to make the customer actually buy the product.

The first thing you should do is to target emotions. We are human beings and we have emotions, and your job is to target the good ones. You need to point out what your product will change in a month or two, what benefits your audience will have. You need to point out that they will feel different, better. Emotions need to win over logic (do they really need another toilet bowel cleaner?). Also, you need to point out the benefits of the product, not features, and be specific.


So, you have everything laid out. Copywriting is not an easy skill to master–especially since you need to use a lot of SEO tools to gather valuable data to use in that writing–but it is one of the most wanted professions today. You can improve your writing skills pretty fast, along with SEO optimization, and become one of the best copywriters.


Author Bio

Ivan is one of the best copywriters. He has a lot of experience and he is always striving for perfection. He is working for Movers Development as a supervisor. He started as a writer and worked his way up. He likes to share his knowledge and help other copywriters to succeed.

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