These articles are geared toward helping you build your brand, including topics such as the curse of perfectionism in branding, online reputation management and using social media to brand yourself.

How Your HR Team Can Assist in Building an Extraordinary Brand

The concept of branding is not something that is traditionally thought of as part of the HR team's remit. Usually, branding is considered the sole responsibility of the marketing department, but you might be surprised by how the HR team can influence and improve branding. This is because the stronger and better a company's branding, the more likely that they will attract better hires. The strongest brands are those that have the best talent, and HR plays a critical role when it comes to hiring that talent. From fine-tuning the onboarding process to using the right technologies, here are the most influential ways your HR team can...

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negative reviews and feedback

How Negative Reviews Can Actually Help Your Business

If you're like most people, you read online reviews so you'll know if a company is worth your time and money. This leads many business owners to focus on monitoring and highlighting positive mentions, and with good reason. Marketing is all about analyzing and predicting consumer trends and using that information to anticipate and influence their future activities. Social proof, which leverages the internal drive to seek approval and conform to societal standards, is a very effective marketing tool. It's somewhat subjective, but research bears out the psychological impact of things like fear of missing out (FOMO) on...

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The Secret to Building an Unbeatable Brand

Your company's brand is one of your business' top assets. A strong brand involves consistency in customer experience and perception. It'll help build recognition, awareness, and boost sales. According to research, 59% of customers purchase new products from familiar brands. But it's difficult to compete with huge brands, which have a loyal customer base and unlimited marketing funds. A powerful brand building process will help you differentiate your company in the market. Brand building involves more than your company's logo, name, and design. You must maintain a consistent voice across a variety of channels such as online content, customer and sales services, online advertising and your website. So, here's a...

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How to Humanize Your Brand and Connect with Customers

Often brands that are prepared to be open and to engage with their customers are more successful than those who maintain a strict wall of professionalism and formality. The reason for this is that as humans have an innate desire to interact and connect with other humans, so when we can see the people behind the brand, we are more likely to invest our time or money. Giving your brand a human side begins with having a recognizable voice and personality, but this guide includes some more advice on how to humanize your brand to enable you to connect with existing and potential customers. (more…)

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Line of eggs with different facial expressions, representing different marketing styles

Cindy Crawford or Cyndi Lauper: What Kind of Marketer are You?

Cyndi Lauper and Cindy Crawford, two 80s icons who are still going strong. Though their styles and approach may be completely different, they're both smart business women who've created brands that remain relevant and diverse 30-odd years later. The Tale of Two Cindies proves that women rock at any age. It also demonstrates that when it comes to marketing, there is no one-size solution. (more…)

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