These articles are geared toward helping you build your brand, including topics such as the curse of perfectionism in branding, online reputation management and using social media to brand yourself.

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7 Ways to Give Your Brand Authority

With all the competition out there, projecting brand authority seems like an uphill battle. Every company tells their audience that they're the best, whether or not they're actually able to deliver. But, what if I told you that you can still build your brand identity in a manner that's rooted in trust and authority regardless of industry or market saturation? (more…)

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How One Simple Social Media Post Can Help Awareness

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, social media websites and platforms have been playing a crucial role in distributing news about its spread. With such a wide scope in terms of responsibility and overall power over information dissemination, many social media sites are coming forward to do whatever they can to help. However, part of that power resides within the ones who use social media, and you’re one of them. How can you use your social media profile or page to spread awareness among others?

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Influencers and brands

How Gen Z Influencers Can Help You Build a Transparent Brand

Instagram influencers are taking social media by storm, and it seems like marketers and the public can’t get enough of them. In marketing circles, the din surrounding social media influencers is growing louder by the minute. More and more, marketing professionals are talking about industry topics such as branded content ads, sponsorships and paid partnerships – all fueled by billions of dollars funneled to social media influencers. (more…)

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Boosting your business

How Your HR Team Can Assist in Building an Extraordinary Brand

The concept of branding is not something that is traditionally thought of as part of the HR team's remit. Usually, branding is considered the sole responsibility of the marketing department, but you might be surprised by how the HR team can influence and improve branding. This is because the stronger and better a company's branding, the more likely that they will attract better hires. The strongest brands are those that have the best talent, and HR plays a critical role when it comes to hiring that talent. From fine-tuning the onboarding process to using the right technologies, here are the most influential ways your HR team can...

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negative reviews and feedback

How Negative Reviews Can Actually Help Your Business

If you're like most people, you read online reviews so you'll know if a company is worth your time and money. This leads many business owners to focus on monitoring and highlighting positive mentions, and with good reason. Marketing is all about analyzing and predicting consumer trends and using that information to anticipate and influence their future activities. Social proof, which leverages the internal drive to seek approval and conform to societal standards, is a very effective marketing tool. It's somewhat subjective, but research bears out the psychological impact of things like fear of missing out (FOMO) on...

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