These articles are geared toward helping you build your brand, including topics such as the curse of perfectionism in branding, online reputation management and using social media to brand yourself.

Global Market

Global SEO: Localizing Content in the Global Marketplace

For some time, SEO has been expanding into the global marketplace, targeting multiple countries in order to gain more international traffic and a larger link base. Firms have desired to gain the attention of foreign searchers, not only for their business but also for higher rankings. Yet, many have fallen short in one critical area as far as I’m concerned: local content. For those firms, localized content has been seen as a non-essential when doing SEO in the global marketplace. But why is this? Why would it not be one of the top-priorities? If Geo-targeting is so important for SEO...

Social Media Icons

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Can I help it that I am smiling from ear to ear? I have been floating on air for the last 24 hours. Let me explain. I have been telling our clients and writers alike to engage with our readers for quite sometime. Of course, their response is "yes" then they never do anything about it, or should I say their response is “I never get anything out of it”. Quite honestly, I wonder if people know what "Engage with your readers" really means.

Tweet Heart

Twitter Et All

(Editors update: on some of the Twitter tools I did not want to list... they now seem as important as ever. We wrote 5 posts on over 160 Twitter tools) Since I have been on Twitter I have seen the oddest widgets and gadgets popping up. Sure - give me more bookmarks and reasons to have a long list!  Not. Look - you have to be conscientious and proactive when dealing with a new Social networking outlet.  I should know; I work on the Internet.  We try, and sometimes are quite successful, at new software, gadgets and media.  With that said,...

Building Links

Clicks to Your Website: An In-depth Review of Link Building Methods

Links are a good way to raise your Google rankings, bringing clicks to your website.  How many links you need depends on your key phrase competition (the number of sites using the same key phrase) and the quality of those links. To get an idea of how many links your website requires to raise your rankings, look at the top 10 ranking sites on Google and record how many links Yahoo notes for each; Google doesn't display all the links a site has.  The average link count will give you a good indication of many you will need. The number one...

RR Lights

Blogs and What They Can Do

Everybody and their dog seems to have a blog these days. I even know someone who set up a blog for his cat, I kid you not. Blogs seem to be the new way for the immense populace of the Internet to tell us things about themselves nobody ever wanted to know. In the vast majority of cases, nobody ever will, either. There are so many blogs out there, the odds of one blog being found, read and liked are astronomical! So, why should you even have one, and if you do, what good can it do you? (more…)

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