These articles are geared toward helping you build your brand, including topics such as the curse of perfectionism in branding, online reputation management and using social media to brand yourself.

What the 60-Second Video Means For Instagram Marketers

Recently Instagram had generated shockwaves by announcing that a new algorithm would radically alter the sequence of posts that users now see on their feeds. According to Instagram, averagely people miss close to 70% of the posts because of the [...]

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Boring Industry, Meet Awesome, Quality Content

You can’t write awesome, quality content for a boring industry. If you’re trying, stop now. You can’t, because you don’t know the secret. Until now, you probably didn’t even know there was a secret, yeah? No topic under the sun [...]

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6 Ways to Help You Build Your Startup Brand from the Ground Up

At the heart of any successful brand is a great branding strategy, something not many new entrepreneurs are educated in. Since most advice you find online is related to improving your brand or staying consistent in your marketing efforts, it’s [...]

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How Businesses Can Develop Their Brand Image on Social Media

These days, many business owners are interested in figuring out how they can optimize their online presence in order to increase their conversion rates and build a better brand image for a bigger audience. If this is your goal, you [...]

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