Business Tips: 5 Rules of Social Marketing

Creating a brand that is reputable, recognized and credible in any line of business today requires more than the ability to showcase and deliver high-quality products and services. Understanding the importance of customer retention is a key element that is necessary to keep consumers interested in your brand and coming back for more. Learning more about the top rules of social marketing is a way to stay ahead of competition while growing any business you have launched or managed, whether it is an established company or a new startup.

Give Your Company a Voice

Many companies today forget to cultivate a voice that is recognizable by fans and consumers. Rather than sticking to the basics of providing information and sales pitches it is essential to get engaged with your users by utilizing a real voice and a voice that is deemed genuine. Having a genuine voice for your brand helps to relate to those who are interested in your business and learning more about the products and services you have to offer.


Communication and Engagement

Communication and engagement is imperative whether you are working in a large company or if you have built a startup on your own from the ground up. Spending time to get to know your customer base, asking questions and requesting feedback shows you care and want to deliver what your users truly need and are in demand of prior to making a purchase. Be sure to answer questions publicly while also maintaining a positive professional reputation within your official website and other social media outlets you put to use during advertising and marketing campaigns you are running.

Response Time

Whenever you are sent an email or asked a question on social media it is highly advisable to respond as quickly as possible. Statistics show 53% of consumers expect brands to respond within an hour of being contacted. Great response times for small and larger businesses show customers you are genuine and want to provide the help and assistance they require. Responding to users who have questions or legitimately want to know more about your company is a way for you to move forward in the right direction regardless of the niche and industry you represent.

Consistency is Key

Consistency always matters when you are integrating social marketing into your campaign strategies in any business. Regardless of the business model and plan you have in place it is necessary to update with consistency without going weeks or even months before sharing your next update. The more you update to your users and fans the easier it becomes to ramp up the amount of exposure you receive, building a brand and its recognition. Keep a schedule of the appropriate times to update while tracking the posts you share and their metrics, helping to better determine the ideal times to share information regarding products, services and content you want to promote.

Content Creation

Utilize a Variety of Platforms

A major rule of social marketing is the ability to adapt using various platforms that are not skewed for all demographics. Once you have a clear understanding of the demographic you want to reach it is then possible to use the most effective platforms to reach potential customers and clients. Some of the most popular platforms to update with when launching a business or promoting a brand range from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, Vine and Tumblr. Having the ability to relate to your users with relevant posts, hashtags and tags to label your updates increases the exposure you receive while also sparking interest in your brand. Knowing the top rules of social marketing when creating or expanding a brand gives you an advantage over companies who are unaware of how to properly reach the target audience and demographic they have in mind. The more interactive and engaged you become with social marketing the easier it is to ensure you are on target with any goals you have set in place, both short and long-term.

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